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posted by katetekiku
"Ugh! I hate raking!" Rigby groaned as he picked up a rake and started scraping up leaves.
"Dude, we have to do it," Mordecai reasoned, raking his leaves into a fairly small pile. It was the beginning of fall, and the jobs got harder and harder, including raking the leaves. "Benson told us to, and i'm not gonna let him tell us we're slackers!"
"But why can't he do it himself?" Rigby rudely asked, adding to the small leaf pile. "If we're slackers, then he's a huge slacker." Rigby still complained. Mordecai glared at him, and then started raking again.
Soon enough, the pile was big enough to...
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posted by mwsapphire
(SCENE: Local Park)

Mordecai the blue ghiandaia, jay and his best friend Rigby the raccoon were at the local park, where the two worked as groundskeepers. The two were raking the leaves. It was a chilly autumn day.

Rigby :(shivering slightly) "Dude, its freezing!I can't believe Benson's making us rake the leaves! It must be like , negative something!"

Mordecai: (shivering harder) "D-Dude, were almost d-done."

Rigby:" Oh, dude! I'll get jackets for both of us form inside the house! te turning into a Popsicle!"

Mordecai got cold very easily, and his blue wings were hunched together and his long, slender...
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posted by mwsapphire
Rigby played “Dig Champs “ for a couple of hours, but it wasn’t as fun without Mordecai. So Rigby went back upstairs to check on him and see if felt any better. He scampered over to Mordecai’s bed. The blue jay’s chest was rising and falling. te could hear the congested sound of his breathing. He decided to wake him up so they could eat a late cena (it was 9:00pm) and then just go to bed, because Rigby really didn’t have anything to do. Mordecai was a heavy sleeper, so he always...
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posted by smileyfacers
ciao Mordecai, guess what! What Rigby? They are selling fist pompa tickets tonight! Woo! Fist pump! Cmon dude wew already went. We will never do that again. Okay? Okay fine. Geez Mordecai why are so boring? Dude, cmon Im sorry. Margaret walked by. Huh....Mordecai dreams of going out with Margaret and stares at her. What are te doing? Oh me uh nothing Rigby. Im not staring at anything! I didnt ask if te were staring at anyone. Aw crap! What? Mordecai says. te were staring at Margaret! No I wasnt! Why dont te ask her out then? Its not that easy. Here let me help you. ciao Margaret come here...
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posted by prankcaller1023

Julianna - ( OC Character )

Sandra - ( OC Character )

Linda - ( OC Character )

Mordecai - Moxy aka Mordecai

Rigby - Roxanne aka Rigby

Benson - Bertha aka Benson

Pops - Posy aka Pops

Skips - Sofia aka Skips




Story :

(Starting with Mordecai and Rigby a spy movie)

Guy: Hasta La Vista! Baby!

(Movie Ends after the bomb explode)

Mordecai:Who write this movie.....This suck


(Scene goes to Benson who is watering the plants....Then suddenly Julianna calls on his walkie talkie)

Benson:(On walkie talkie) Yes Julianna?

Julianna:Benson!Grab anyone in the park....There is something...
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Terror Tales of the Park 2 is another Halloween speail.The 3rd episode in season 4.Mordecai and Rigby tells scary tales whine driving to a Halloween party.In season 4 promo,there some reviews about Terror Tales of the Park 2.the first Halloween speail is Terror Tales of the Park.The episode airs on Oct. 15th 2012. Terror Tales of the park 2 is another half ora episode.The first one is Terror Tales of the park,the 2nd one is Exit 9b.
più info:link
 the gang in comtures
the gang in comtures
It's been months since Finn dated Marceline. Did Princess Bubblegum find her true love? In the comments, check if she did. NOW ON TO THE STORY!!!!

Jake came out of Finn's room and said, "Finn where is my sword?" "Under my bed," Finn answered. Jake got his sword, but then he saw Marceline's stuff under Finn's bed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jake screamed. "What happened?" Mordecai said. "Look under," Jake detto in a freaked out voice. "What's wron- WOAH! Who's she?" Mordecai questioned Jake. "Marceline the Vampire Queen," Jake answered. "She's cute," replied Mordecai. Then Marceline came in the room. "Where's Finn? I have him a gift." "Outside in the fields," replied Mordecai. "Finn this sword is cool!" Rigby said, killing a monster. "Hey sweet- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" OUT OF spazio =( TO BE CONTINUED... LOOK FOR PART 4... Amore te ALL!
posted by prankcaller1023
(Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning the attic in the house)

Rigby:I'm bored let do something else

Mordecai:No dude,you want Benson to fired te
( Mocking Benson voice)Clean the attic o your fired!!!

Rigby:Ugh,Fine let's finish this stupid attic.

(They continue clean and suddenly Rigby find an uncover machine)

Rigby: Woah,cool

Mordecai:What did you....Woah!!!

Rigby:What do te think it is?

Mordecai:It look like a machine o something....There's a note ( read the note) Property of Pops I don't think we should touch that machine

Rigby:Ugh,why are te such a loser sometimes...Maybe we can do what ever we...
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posted by Chrisbot6
Beep- Beep! Beep-Beep! Beep-Beep!
The sound of the clock cut into raggio, ray Bat’s dreams like a needle. He tried to hit the snooze button without opening his eyes and only succeeded in knocking it on the floor, where it sat, still beeping.

“Ugh…” he got out of bed, picked the clock up and pushed the snooze button. Then he put it down and went downstairs. His roommate, Sam, came down a while later. Sam was a large eagle with an unhealthy obsession with chocolate. He looked up at the calendar. “I hate Tuesdays.” He muttered, getting some Cioccolato cake out of the fridge.
Ray looked up from...
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Who from Regular mostra would te date?Take the quiz and find out! (For guys and girls)


1.)What kind of guys attract you?

A. Easy going
B. Jerks
C. Hard working men

2.)You like it when a guy is...

A.Love shy
B.A child da heart

3.Your guy must be..


4.Brains o good looks?

B.Good looks


1.)What kind of girls attract you?


2.You like it when a girl is...

A. Outgoing
B. Shy

3.Your girl must be...


4.Brains o good looks?

A.Good looks

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Mordecai: Bob Marley- Don't worry be happy

Rigby: Simple Plan-Grow up

Benson: Theory of a Deadman - Hate My Life

Pops: Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole - Wonderful world

Skips: spiaggia Boys - I Get Around

Musle Man: Lowlife-Theory of a deadman

H5G : Bob Marley- Three Little Birds

Thomas: Nine black alps -Pocket full of stars

Margaret:Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero

Eileen:Pink-Stupid Girls

Death: Mothorhead-Game


MordecaixMargaret :Grease - You're The One That I Want

Mordecai: (To Margaret)Chris Brown - Should've Kissed You

Rigby: (To Eileen)Foreigner - I Want To Know What Amore Is

Muscle Man: (To Starla) Elvis Presley- Always on my mind

Benson: (To Audrey)Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

Skips' girl: (To Skips) Connie Francis - I will wait for you

Eileen: (To Rigby) Faith collina - Just To Hear te Say That te Amore Me
posted by Sedgewings
 ask your parents o an adult before Leggere this (lol jk)
ask your parents or an adult before reading this (lol jk)
MORDECAI: Dude, te know what we should do?

RIGBY: What?

MORDECAI: We should write a hit song

RIGBY: dude, we should totally write a hit song!!

MORDECAI: Yah we should!

BOTH: *laughs*

MORDECAI: ok, ok check it out. Just do what I do and watch the hit song come rollin’ in.

RIGBY: ok.

MORDECAI: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

BOTH: ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha

MORDECAI: ha ha ha

RIGBY: ha ha ha

MORDECAI: heh ha ha

RIGBY: heh ha ha

MORDECAI: heh heh ha ha ha

BOTH: dah dah ting ting ting ting dah bee bee boop

BENSON: what are te doing?

MORDECAI: Sorry Benson, we were...
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Regular mostra characters - Why i Amore them.

Made a lista of my 5 favorit characters -also one of the main ones -and why i Amore them.


Rigby is my favorit character. One of the reasons why must be because i'm much like him. I'm lazy,but cunning. I Amore the 80's music,i'm immature,i dropped out of high school,i'm small and thin(weak) and i also have a younger siblin who is much better then me. (-.-)

The other reason is because he's just so funny and an interesting character. I usually like characters who are not 100% good but not evil. Just anti heros. And that's what Rigby is.


I see Mordecai...
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Srry it's short...
Rigby And Eileen (OneShot) MistleToe!!! 
~Eileen's POV~ 
I watched everybody party. They all seemed to be having a great time! Unlike me... I'm not much of a partyer. I spotted Rigby coming up to sit down,probably tired of partying. 
Me:Hey Rigby. Rigby:'Sup Eileen. Me:Partied too hard? Rigby:Noticed? Me:Well te came over here panting like te were running the 5k run... Yes I've noticed. 
He smirked. I guess he was pretty suprised of my sarcasm. I caught a glimpse of a blush from him,but he tried his best to hide it. Did this mean he liked me? Embarrassed,we both turned...
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posted by sonyr567
"Hm Hm! Im gonna beat ya." Mordecai says.
"Really? Look who's faster and stronger." Rigby says.
Mordecai and Rigby are both playing a video game called " Dig Champs "; the worlds best popolare video game on
( I made up that website ^^ )
Rigby's character gets hit da a huge giant bolder and dies.
" Aw what! " Rigby whines.
Mordecai smirks and yells " OHHHHHHHH! " He won 1st place.
Rigby pouts and crosses his arms, " At least my character looks più più fresco, dispositivo di raffreddamento than yours. "
"Dude. Don't get upset." Mordecai teases.
Suddenly, their was a knock on the door. Mordecai got up from the comfy...
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Mordecai looked up at the night sky. A light hovered, considerately larger than the other stars that shined above them. "What do te think that is, Rigby?" He inquired. The light seemed to pulse with energy, getting brighter and then dimmer every few seconds.
"I think it's a UFO!" Rigby excitedly exclaimed. Mordecai looked at Rigby curiously. "What the crap is that supposed to mean?!" He said. Rigby shook his head in disappointment, staring at the energetic light as if it were supposed to do something. "It's an alien spaceship," He expectantly interpreted. "Ya dumbo." Mordecai slapped him...
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posted by jackfan22
Regular Show: "My Punchies"

(the coffee shop) Rigby: Let's play punchies
Mordecai: are your sure?
Rigby: sure
Mordecai: really?
Rigby: yes
Mordecai: really? really?
Rigby: Stop Talking!!!!!!! Let's Go
Mordecai: ok
(mordecai punches rigby)
Rigby: Aughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Mordecai: hmmm hmmm hmmm you'll never win
Rigby: ah, c'mon
Mordecai: see ya later Rigby
(Mordecai leaves)
Rigby: ohhhh....I'd better train
(in the house)
Rigby: hyaugh!!
Rigby: owww...
Mordecai: let's play punchies
(mordecai punches rigby)
Rigby: yough!!!!!!!
Rigby: guess it just wasn't meant for me to win.

The End!!!!!
The successivo day,the duo were at the arcade,playing an video game called Ninjas vs Zombies."Dude,do the finishing combo!",Mordecai yelled."I forgot how it goes,man!",Rigby replied."Up,down,right,down,left,up!",Mordecai said,Rigby following his directions.The final zombie was killed,turning into a pile of Bones with a point amount hovering above it."YEEEAAAUUHH!!!!THIRTY THOUSAND POINTS FOR US!!!!",Mordecai and Rigby yelled triumphantly,high fiving in victory."Thirty thousand?That's it?",a voice from behind asked."Rox!",Rigby said."Yeah,no dur.Now how 'bout me and Carrie mostra ya how this game goes.",Rox...
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M=Mordecai R=Rigby P=Pops Be=Benson etc.
M:Dude,we should write a hit song.
??:It's summertime and te know what that means,gonna head down to the spiaggia gonna do some beachy things!
Be:What are te too doing!Get back to work!!Or you're fired!!!*walks away*
M:This bites.Lets go to the house and get some foooood!
MM:-My mom!What do te want,losers?
R:We want to go-
M:Dude,move out of the way,we're trying to go in.
MW:*comes over and picks up Muscle Man and moves him out of the way.*
B:Come on,any ideas?
M:What's going on?
MM:I'm having a party,at my place!!
R:How did te get back in?
MM:*Mad face*My mom.
B:Come on!!We need movie ideas!
MM:It's a Movie party!!
P:Ha ha ha!Yay!
S:Everyone is supposed to make a movie and bring it to the party.
posted by katetekiku
"Do te like macaroni as much as I do?" The Televisione blared as a commercial switched on.
"Ugh, I hate commercials!" groaned Rigby as he grabbed limblessly at the Remote, searching for the channel button. As he slithered halfheartedly down to the floor of the living room, The TV quickly switched to a lame excersize show, and Rigby groaned once more.
"No, wait," Mordecai exclaimed. "Change that back!"
Mordecai snatched the remote from bored Rigby as he switched back to the macaroni commercial.
"Then come to the macaroni warehouse NOW!" Screamed the advertisement. "We sell spaghetti noodles,...
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