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KJBiggestFan posted on Feb 17, 2011 at 11:33PM
Post your favorite Regular Show quotes here! :D
 Post your preferito Regular mostra Citazioni here! :D

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più di un anno fa penguinfan123 said…
Ham bon ing will save your life some day and u go what? u try to mug me? I am telling you man! Ham bon ing! - Rigby

Mordecai: Dude, I am player 1 you r player 2.
Death punchies Episode <3
Pops: Oh a bristh taxi, I tought you said a Brownish taxi.
Mordecai: But that Taxi is yellow. Ello Gov,nor episode <3

Thornkrey commented…
Ooohhh wow dude... It's Handboning.... not hamboning più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa KJBiggestFan said…
"You go give him some sugar!" Benson

"I'm waiting for a support call to talk to Joe Mama :D " Pops

"That's it! I'm turning my back on you and counting to three......of death!" Death Kwon Do Sensei

"Sensei? I think someone just Death Kwon clogged the toilet" - Some dude
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Death Kwon Do Sensei

"What? Oh you want us to put the hurt on you? I think he wants me to put the hurt on him!" Rigby
"I think he wants you to put the hurt on him!" Mordecai
"You think he wants me to put the hurt on him?" Rigby
"Yes I do!" Mordecai
"Ahhh!" Rigby
"Ahhh!" Mordecai
più di un anno fa SouthParkSmart said…
I haven't seen that many, but I like...

"It was supposed to say 'Rigby' but they mispelled my name wrong."

Benson: Okay, does anyone know someone who can help?
Muscle Man: I know someone who can help.
Benson: If you say your mom, you're fired.
Muscle Man : MY MOM!
Benson: Get out!
Muscle Man: It was WORTH IT!
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più di un anno fa GinaxCody said…
My *SUPER* Fav is:

"I don't mean to brag,i don't mean to boast,But i have some hummus for these mini toast!"
Benson"Why r you both yelling hummus?'

LOL!! Gets me every time!
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più di un anno fa SouthParkSmart said…
^ Yeah, the hummus one, too!
più di un anno fa FizzyWhizzy said…
big smile
Lol, I love the hummus one . I've only seen a few too but I like:
Rigby: How 'd you know?
Skips: I know everything.
Rigby and Mordecai: WOOOOAAAAHH..
Skips: Nah, I'm just yakking with yah.

And the Summertime one...Rigby: Doo doo Summer time, Lovin in the summer... time..*hums* Mordecai: Dude, stop that.
più di un anno fa rebcam13 said…
Mordecai: We're 23 years old we shouldn't be bustin holes in walls!
Rigby: How the H are we gonna fix this S?
Rigby: Bunch of baby ducks send em' to the moon, soda machine that don't work send em' to the moon!
più di un anno fa noahnstar1616 said…
Peeps Ep:
Muscle Man:"I learned that Mordecai can go a long time without blinking."
Mordecai:"Actually, my eyes can't blink anymore."
Mordecai:"Does anyone have any eye drops?"(Rigby hands him eye drops and it doesn't work)"Yeah, maybe you guys should take me to the hospital."
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più di un anno fa coolshaymin said…
surprised no one mentioned "Don't Look At Our Watches While We Synchronize Our Watches!"
più di un anno fa raven115 said…
what, man those pork loins are cutting!!! - mordecai
really a chainsaw, i mean wats up with the chainsaw?!? - mordecai
your lucky i care about lady pecs so much rigby. - mordecai
im not using that sucky pick axe. - mordecai
yaaaaaaaaya, army dude. - mordecai
what the heck are you gonna do with bronze baby shoes? - mordecai
you had to say snowballs the ice monster - mordecai
più di un anno fa TDIlover4ever said…
big smile
Sensei? I think someone just Death Kwon clogged the toilet... - Some Dude

Okay, does anyone know someone that can help us? Anyone? - Benson
I know someone that can help! - Muscle Man
If you say your Mom your gonna get fired!! - Benson
My Mom!!! - Muscle Man
Get out!!!! - Benson
It was WORTH IT! - Muscle Man

What? You want me to put the hurt on you? I think he wants me to put the hurt on him! - Rigby
I think he wants you to put the hurt on him! - Mordecai
You think he wants me to put the hurt on him?! - Rigby
Yes I do!! - Mordecai
AHHHHH!!!! - Rigby
AHHHHHHH!!!! - Mordecai

Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up those chairs!! - Rigby

I have a lot more but I can't think of them.. =3
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più di un anno fa jeh2002 said…
"aww snap, aww snap, come to our mac party and we'll take a nap"
più di un anno fa Penguin11 said…
Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches! - Mordecai and Rigby


HUMMUS! - Mordecai and Rigby

Thornkrey commented…
dude it's handboning. not hamboning più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa cb0104 said…
This party needs some guests..with breasts..and mine dont count~Muscle Man "Party Pete"
più di un anno fa rebcam13 said…
Mad Man Mordo is gonna take you down! And I'm not talking downtown, I'm talking six feet under ground!
più di un anno fa meggpantaloons said…
Mustache Cash Stash!

And now you're makin' sense, and now I'm makin' snacks!

più di un anno fa Penguin11 said…
Haters gonna Hate!! - Rigby

Dude, not that ostritch thing with the balls again. - Mordecai
It's not gonna be the ostritch thing with the balls! - Rigby
Yeah it is, I see you typing it in! - Mordecai

How do you like MY prank call?! -rips phone out of wall and smashes it into tiny peices- - Benson XD
più di un anno fa CandyforniaGurl said…
I love ALL of these quotes! But of course one of my favorites is the classic "dude!".
più di un anno fa Nepomuceno said…
Muscleman - "Oh, stop pinching our butt cheeks Muscleman."
più di un anno fa GIRfan014 said…
BONING!!!!!! -Rigby

oh and my other fave is: YOU TRYIN TO MUG ME?
 BONING!!!!!! -Rigby oh and my other fave is: te TRYIN TO MUG ME?
più di un anno fa dianacarr5678 said…
Both Mordecai & Rigby cheering: FREE CAKE! FREE CAKE!

Benson mad: NO!!!!!!

Both Mordecai & Rigby sad: No cake, No cake
Mordecai Favorites:
Mordecai: Hey Margret! FIST PUMP!
Mordecai: COFFEE!
Rigby Favorites:
Rigby: HEY! WE JUST SAVED THE TOWN YOU ASS-(gets bag thrown in face.
Rigby: Come on man! We're gonna miss the greatest band in the whole world!... AW CRAP (falls asleep)
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più di un anno fa invaderlin123 said…
mordecai: ur a turd!
rigby: no ur a turd!
mordecai: no ur a turd!
pops: mordecai rigby stop! we can all be turds together :D

♥ that one :)
più di un anno fa invaderlin123 said…
@diana what episode was the hey we just saved the town u ass one from?
più di un anno fa rebcam13 said…
@invaderlin123- I think it's Grilled Cheese Deluxe, but I don't think he said @$$.
più di un anno fa dianacarr5678 said…
Ya it was called Grilled Cheese Deluxe when they lie they are astronauts or something. Rigby actually said astronaut then the bag get thrown in his face when he was gonna say the naut part, but/or it sounded like he was about to say ass hole but they censored it.
più di un anno fa blueracoon1 said…
"Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!"
più di un anno fa thepower23 said…
big smile
M & R- boop boop bweep boop boop boop boop bweep boop boop! beep beep beep. beep beep beep.
Pops- I'm a no good turkey and I'm going to strawberry jam it up.
R- never pass out when there's markers about!

plus just about everything else they say
più di un anno fa 3x3qui3l said…
The real version ¬¬
più di un anno fa Regular_Wolf said…
(Mordecai wins game again)
Ooooooh!! Ten in a rowwww! -Mordecai (Just set up the chairs)
più di un anno fa xKJx said…
"Hey Mordecai and Rigby, thanks.....for being the coolest losers we know!"
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
Mordecai: But Pops, that's a yellow taxi.
Pops: I asshure you my taxi is no coward.

By my fave quote is…
Mordecai & Rigby: YEEEEAAAAUUH!!!
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
Rigby: (singing) A bunch of baby ducks, send dem to da moon
più di un anno fa dom22292 said…
"you dont wanna pull our hammies, you know what im sayyiinn" -Rigby
più di un anno fa Fairstepshaven said…
"GO GIVE HIM SOME SUGAR" haha Benson. You never cease to amuse me with your anger issues XD
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
più di un anno fa Fairstepshaven said…
"STOP TALKING," lol one of the best Rigby quotes eva!
più di un anno fa TheGrimHeaper said…
We gonna partay!!!!
Got sum chips, got sum dip
Sum call me cheap, bit of a freeloada', but I bought cups fo' that old-school soda!
Don' mean ta brag, don' mean ta boast, but here's sum hummus for these mini-toasts!
Why are you guys yelling hummus?
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
big smile
Rigby: Dude, whats with all the babys?


più di un anno fa Kowalski355 said…

Rigby: Summertime lovin? lovin in the summer.. *makes parenthasees with hands* Time?

"Aw snap, Aw snap. Come to our macarroni party and we'll take a nap."

"Summertime lovin, lovin in the summer time!"

i love these quotes!!
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più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
Mullet Guy: Yes, we have the death jump and the death dump right-…NOOOOOO!!!
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan785 said…
Mordicai: *starts to cross his arms slowly*
Rigby: No Dude!
Mordicai: Its too late
Rigby: No!
Mordicai: Its already in motion
Rigby: Well put it outta motion!
Mordicai: *crosses his arms* You pissed me off!
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…

più di un anno fa awsnap96 said…
"Don't be looking at our crotches while we synchronize our watches"
più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
più di un anno fa smileyfacers said…
Sweet! See nice and short!
più di un anno fa yeeeeeeeeeeayuh said…
Mustache cash stash, freeeeeeee caaaaaaake!!!!!!!
più di un anno fa yeeeeeeeeeeayuh said…
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan785 said…
Lady: Unbelievable!
Rigby: *jumps infront of the lady dressed as a burgler*
Lady: *screaming*
Rigby: Gimmie Candy Lady!
Lady: *runs in her house screaming*
Rigby: Aww Man!
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più di un anno fa obssesedTDIgirl said…
^lol, that new episode ^^

Rigby: So why did you change your name?
Skips: Because everyone always asked me why my name was Walks, if I always skip.
Modecai: So why do you skip?
Skips: Well, I think I've told you enough secrets tonight.
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan785 said…
Yep! This ones from the Halloween ep. too!
Mordicai: *gets his head cut off* Hmm so this is what its like to be as tall as Rigby.
I laughed my head off when he said that XD