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la scelta dei fan: Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I
Catherine the Great
la scelta dei fan: no
la scelta dei fan: Stéphane Narcisse
la scelta dei fan: Torrance Coombs
Torrance Coombs
Toby Regbo
la scelta dei fan: Catherine
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big smile
drewjoana detto …
Dan Jeannotte Spot:

link postato ·6 mesi fa
Kenna1 detto …
I used to Amore Mary and Bash together but then once Mary and Francis got married it was so cute that I began to ship them... I still can't get over the great loss all of us fan have lost...😞
But let's hope Bash and Mary might get back together! 😉 postato più di un anno fa
Royalxoxo detto …
I completely binge watched reign on Netflix!! I feel like Mary is becoming kind of tense now and bash has changed to in that sense but i still Amore catherine, she has always been my fave xoxox postato più di un anno fa