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posted by designer_heart
She stared into the vanity before her. A woman with long, wavy, brunette hair looked back. Magdalene Defoe, o Blind Mag, was preparing for her final concerto before "officially retiring" from GeneCo, the biotech company she had been contracted to for the past 17 years. Being GeneCo's Voice had taken its toll on the soprano. A commodity, free advertisement that Rotti Largo, GeneCo's head, flaunted about as it suited him. Suddenly enraged, the singer thumped her fist against the oak top, upsetting a few cosmetic items. Well, she was damned tired of it! Mag wanted to be freed of her cage to spend...
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posted by Repo-girl
Alright, I'm Scrivere a Repo! Fanfiction and since I can't get it on the Fanfiction website, I'm Scrivere it on here. It's about Rotti getting remarried and the new wife has a 14 anno old girl named Bella and Pavi and Luigi really take a shine to her, if te know what I mean! Enjoy!

"Children, I have a surprise for you", Rotti Largo said. "Is it a new surgery"?, Amber asked. "Is it a new knife"?, Luigi asked. "Is it a new Gentern"?, asked Pavi. "No, none of te are correct.,said Rotti. I got remarried and te have a new mother and a new little sister". "DAD WHAT THE FUCK?!", exclaimed the three...
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posted by Lunaste
For weeks I've been looking for Repo! online and now I've finally found it, but I'm unsure whether I should post it here.

The things is, I am completely in favor of watching shows and Film online, and I have to admit I don't support all shows and Film I watch da buying them afterwards.

But Repo! is so unknown and unloved that I have to think twice about linking other people to the movie itself. Lionsgate doesn't do anything to support Repo!, and Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich have to do most of the promoting themselves. They've gathered a small, but loyal fanbase, and Repo! is being...
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posted by ambersweet
I Amore fucking Amore repo the genetic opera.I saw when ti first came out and fell in Amore with.Blind Mag is my favorit I Amore her voise amd tha eneding was magicalI think that she should have been able to liveand go with Shilio and leave that bullshit behind them.
I Amore to sind with the muvie my 7 anno old loves it.I Amore the dresses and makeup and the music.I use to hate Musical now I will whatch them no matter what.
My best friend saw it and now everytime she comes over she has to whatch it.I dont mind i Amore the muvie to,so we upt the muvie on and get Lost in it.
posted by designer_heart
**Based on Terrance Zdunich's commento on Zydrate Anatomy being a nursery rhyme

I have a blue glow

In a little glass vial

Won't te come and

Stay for awhile?

I'll give te a hit;

First time's free

But like any other dealer

I come with a fee.

A zap to the skin

A needle in a bug

There's an underground way

To obtain the drug.

There's a rich scalpel slut

Addicted to the knife.

But she hasn't realized,

It's shortening her life

Damn, the GeneCops are here

We've really gotta run

But successivo time I'll bring

My Zydrate gun

(I'm probably annoying te to death with my fanfics)
I’m in an empty alley, just randomly navigating through it with no destination in mind.

I turn corners and walk through side streets. Occasionally I’ll witness a group of Z junkies gathered in a tight-knit group, begging for a hit.

I’m tempted to go over and get a hit myself. I slowly steer myself in the direction of shouting, desperate voices.

Suddenly I hear heavy footsteps behind me. I turn and there he is. Death. In a Repo Man costume. I don’t run o scream o beg for my life.

I stand still, waiting for him to approach me. He reaches out and grabs my neck, forcing me to face him. He...
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posted by bella_4_ever
The Devil's Carnival is an upcoming experimental short horror film directed da Darren Lynn Bousman that will stella, star Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan, Jessica Lowndes, Paul Sorvino, and Terrance Zdunich. Bousman and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich had previously worked on the musical film Repo! The Genetic Opera; returning actors and attrici include Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre.

The Devil's Carnival focuses around three individuals that have somehow found their way to a carnival set in Hell that's run da the Devil (Zdunich). The trio is made up of John (Flanery), an obsessed...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
Authers note: This is a Shilo X Graverobber fanfiction! I Amore this couple so much! :3

As Graverobber began to pack up his extra zydrate and needles when he saw a female figure's shadow that has creeped up successivo to him.
"Hey, Graverobber!" she spat out, and when he turned to see who it was, he saw the Queen of the skapl sluts, Amber Sweet!
"What is it?" He spat back, she gave him a pouting look, "I don't take lip from a freaking strada, via rat!" She said, littarally spitting at him. And one of those damn spit wods got on his new giacca he FINALLY aford after a bunch of stoned skanks came over to him...
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posted by designer_heart
Lyrics are da Britney Spears. Some of te don't like her. Just look past that and at the story

“Baby can’t te see? I’m callin’. A guy like te should wear a warnin’. It’s dangerous. I’m fallin’.”

Yes, he really should wear a warning. Especially since Z makes him all the più appealing. She slithered up to him, moving in ways she wouldn’t dare use with any other dealer. He was a special case. Her black hair, streaked with purple, framed her face. The torn gonna hung inches above her knees and the fishnet stockings had gaping holes. Her green eyes blazed with desire and need....
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posted by designer_heart
It looms in the dark. It stares at him, taunting him. He stares back, feeling the conflicting emotions inside that come nightly. The anticipation. The revulsion. The acceptance. The disgust. Round and round they go. The urges: to become part of it o to turn his back on it.

The black bag sits on the little counter successivo to it, illuminated da the portable television’s glow. The bag is filled with the tools he needs to complete his task each night. Tools that, he, himself hates to clean. He can almost hear them calling his name. They whisper to him…encourage him to go ahead with what he needs...
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posted by ambersweet
Hi I'm a Repo freak and the only reason why i got hooked on it was because Blind Mag and i look like the eyes the face but i have long red hair so las week i was in a play we were rising money for cancer and repo seemed like a good one to do.
They cased me as you'll never believe but Bling Mad,Shilio,and Ambersweet.I had to play three roles and that was realy hard but i knew all the songs and words to all of them so that part wasnt hard at all.I loved the clothes and makeup I ware my makeup dark anyway so that was realy cool.
The guy that was directing the play was a nut we all had fun during...
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posted by designer_heart
In the anno 2056 - the not so distant future - an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet. Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GeneCo, a biotech company that offers organ transplants, for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted da villainous Repo Men. In a world where surgery addicts are hooked on painkilling drugs and murder is sanctioned da law, a sheltered young girl searches for the cure to her own rare disease as well as information about her family's mysterious history. After being sucked into the haunting world of GeneCo, she is unable...
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posted by designer_heart
“Go get cut!”

The Graverobber’s last words to her before she took off with a little glass vial of strada, via Zydrate bounced through Amber’s mind. Well, that’s exactly what she intended to do before she went on stage.

Amber dashed to a nearby tent, with her valets and two genterns in tow. Her father’s surgeon had done a shitty job in repairing Amber’s face. The damage on her right cheek was beginning to mostra through again. So she decided for a quick refacial-job. A new face and fast. She swung her lean frame into the medical chair. Running out of time and patience, Amber hastily explained...
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“Bring me Repo Man and te will get your cure.”
Well. Such an ultimatum for such a little thing. I switched off my holo-watch and entered the room before me. I sunk to the floor in despair. Who is this Repo Man? Why is he after me?
I wrapped my arms around my knees, and examined the room around me. It looked to be an old storage room, filled with junk. In the center sat a wooden chair and some type of person-looking object sitting in it. I didn’t know what to do. Bring Rotti this out-of-control Repo Man? o leave and go home, and never receive my cure? The answer became clear; get my...
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