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posted by NarutoCrypt
When i heard of Final Fantasy, i was quite excited. but not as much as I am now, after getting through much of the game.I believe i first saw FF 7? Either way, the secondo game i witnissed was FFX.(Final fantasy 10, if te didnt know.) I loved the game from the beginning to the end. at first i thought the whole "Blitzball" thing was wierd, but then i grew to Amore it. My first preferito character was Tidus, then I loved Lulu. When i saw Rikku later in the game, I loved her. I really dont have a clue WHO i like best, but all i know is, i Amore all of them. I Amore to battle with Rikku the best though, on another hand. I thought of FFX as, "The perfect vacation from reality". It is beautifully animated, has great characters, a long fantastic, never-ending storyline. It is definately award-worthy. In fact, it has my oro medal. I LOVED FFX!!!!
 a part in the game i hold dearly to my heart.
a part in the game i hold dearly to my heart.