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la scelta dei fan: Neck.
la scelta dei fan: I care a lot.
la scelta dei fan: No!! its cool xD
la scelta dei fan: Rikuzan
Organizer of RPs
la scelta dei fan: Yes.
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Riku114 detto …
Okay so its likely that I actually do have genuine multiple personalities and in this session, for the first time in years and possibly to my memory, I actually roughly experienced a general vague memory that had almost all of the emotion behind it

And while that sounds horrible, its legit what Ive been kind of wanting because its the only thing I have been unable to work on in my mental health cause I resist so naturally against it myself that even in this session postato un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
I had to very forcefully make sure I didnt dissociate o let myself escape it un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
It took him not letting me dodge it and escape it and a very forceful but balanced amount of me forcing myself without letting myself get distracted and escape da focusing too much on forcing myself un giorno fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
Very interesting. I see now what te mean da him doing a good work !!!! un giorno fa
Riku114 detto …
Man its been so long since I so quickly and suddenly cut off emotion. postato un giorno fa
2ntyOnePilots commentato…
Relatable. Good luck ‘big sis- Riku’. Hope that gets fixed up for te soon. un giorno fa
Riku114 detto …
Well Imma get fucked in the culo da a 60% weighted final. postato un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
Which wouldnt be a huge deal if either A) I didnt get a C+ on the last midterm because of one stupid calculation error (cause I would have otherwise gotten an A) and B ) If I wasnt learning from fucking textbook because my professor has an accent te cant fucking understand un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
What a fucking giorno ruiner. un giorno fa
Riku114 commentato…
^ un giorno fa