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la scelta dei fan: Both
la scelta dei fan: The fizz.
la scelta dei fan: Take it.
la scelta dei fan: Too many.
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Riku114 detto …
I havent been able to touch the internet much for a few days and probably wont for the successivo two XD postato ·14 ore fa
Riku114 detto …
So in Pre-Retreat we...

1) Dont know who owns a baggage cos no one claims it so we might have Lost some one

2) Played Spike the Section LEader with a Bag

3) Claimed a section dog

4) Claimed a section Ikea Shopping carrello found on the street

5) Tired XD postato un giorno fa
Riku114 detto …
Gosh Im tired as heck XD Lots of fun. I Amore my new section to be honest and for the first time in years, I was the one adopted rather than the other way around. postato un giorno fa
TheLefteris24 commentato…
Great you're having fun while at it. Keep it strong, Rikubun !!!! un giorno fa
GDragon612 commentato…
try to sleep well Riku~bun<3 un giorno fa