Hello there new birdie friend! Oh wait- I should introduce myself before being so forward. Nice to meet you, I'm the social chairman of this institute and my name is Riku114, but te can call me Riku!

Since te are new here, I was told to mostra te around our institute and introduce te to some of the birdies te might encounter here a lot. Ever since that whole conflict a few years ago, St.PigeoNation has become less of a pigeon based school and one più open to all sorts of species as te can tell da how myself, a cockatoo, is out here. Despite that, we still felt like keeping the name.

Oh wait! Let me introduce te to two of my closest friends. This is Zeppie, shes a pernice bianca and we go far back.

She came to this school a while back and, despite her being rather quiet at first, a trait that conflicts with myself, the two of us became really good friends. I consider her like a sister at this point.

As for him- Hey! Wanta get back here!

Finally, this is Wantadog, o Wanta for short. Hes a small swallow. We go back even further than Zeppie. He can be really shy and self conscious at times but often, once he gets comfortable with te he can be hilarious. te usually find him hiding around my scrivania, reception in the student council. Outside of that, te might sometimes notice him appear in random places if te pay close enough attention. Despite being a bird, Wanta has always seemed to have a need and desire to own a dog.

But alas, we should continue. Speaking of the Student Council, let me introduce te to the Prez.

This is THaSlimJim. He is one of the few people I will be introducing te to here that is actually a pigeon still, a Bohemian Fairy ingoiare, inghiottire Pigeon in fact. Really though, he has many nicknames ranging from Zak to Jim, but most just call him the Prez as he runs the student council after we voted him up into position. He seems to have been born into quite regal standing with his breed and his beautiful feathers, but one of the things that has always been seen as both an oddity and a charm to all us birdies at St.PigeoNation is that strange weed-pizza collana he always wears around.

*loud cawing heard outside* Ah! And if te look out the window there, te see the mysterious Zanhar.

te see Zanhar is really a character at our school. Shes a corvo that always go telling everyone about her flock, o rather murder would be a better term, called the Zanarchy. Her riddled words always seem to sound like some elaborate scheme that she plans to pull with her murder, but the strange thing is that she is the only corvo in this school. Where her murder is o if it even exists is just one of the school mysteries. I personally hope she doesnt do anything reckless o get in too much of a conflict with the Prez.

Now if te peer over into the library, we can find two of people that appear quiet and reserved people.

Here we have BlindBandit, o as we like to shorten it to, Blind.

No no, dont worry, he isn't actually blind. In fact, hes a Great Horned Owl so he can see fairly well especially at night. te rarely will get to see much of an explosive reaction from Blind so many would come to see that he is him being withdrawn and reserved, however when it gets down to it, Blind is rather well known for his sharp words and beak that speaks what he feels. Usually te can find him lurking around the biblioteca and isolated trees Leggere and looking at some kind of dirty magazine.

As for Lefteris here...

Lefteris is a zebra Finch, a species, much like him, that is rather well known for their talkativeness, energy, and passion in what they do. He is known for his large bursts of the expected energy of his species only to return to calmly Leggere his libri on philosophy, theology, and manga. Much like Blind, te can usually find him circling between the biblioteca and the manga club in his freetime.

Oh and now that we are leaving, we find the strange duo over here and also probably two birdies that should probably get a room.

Over here we have Mauserfan, o Mauser for short.

Mauser is a Golden Eagle with quite the... explosive personality. Most of the words that come out of her beak consist of curses and she is often quick to anger. Despite that, she seems to be a rather nice friend once te get close to her and, even if she doesn't believe it, clearly has a soft side. Also, when in doubt, assume she has a gun on her, one that she is likely always ready to use.

However, on the other side successivo to the frightening Mauser, is 8theGreat, otherwise known as Nomy. The girl that Mauser, despite the major size and personality difference of the two, often flirts with.

Why is a anatroccolo in this academy te ask? Well despite growing up in years, Nomy strangely never grew out of her anatroccolo phase and never seemed to grow into the adult bird appearance of an adult duck. Because of this, she always appears to be eternally stuck in her cute, young, adorable ages as a duckling. For the most part, this matches her soft, adorable, and funny personality.

Oh and there is one last person we should visit. CatsLover.

Hes a gazza and really, to be honest, most of us can no longer tell if he is a student like us o one of the teachers. Hes isn't in my class so I can't be sure, but he is often reserved and to himself, mostly appearing to make a few commenti here and there o statements. Beyond that, he seems to hang out with whoever he feels like at the time, that including some of the teachers. Maybe at some point te can figure that out.

But anyways, that concludes the tour of St.PigeoNation Fanpopian Institute!