Wow this was a spectacular finale! It tied up the ends of Season 1 wonderfully as well as setting up the new mystery that will no doubt permeate Season 2. I loved how Archie was really focused on his Friends and how much Amore and support he threw towards his friends. I especially loved how the finale really focused on not only the core four, but the town as a whole the 75th Jubilee was greatly juxtaposed with the whole Blossom family drama/ and the somewhat wrongful imprisonment of F.P. while he didn't kill Jason he did help cover it up which is still REALLY BAD LOL! Betty's speech at the Jubilee was awesome she is my preferito character. I also really loved Jughead's scene with F.P. it truly showed how much their relationship has evolved in the show. Onto Cheryl whew I felt such sympathy for her she has really been through the wringer throughout all of Season 1 and none more-so then in this finale her inner anguish was so palpable, and her act of 'being with Jason' and how Archie and the gang help her was such a amazing sequence I honestly didn't think Cheryl would make it such a incredibly filmed scene! The ending sequences after the Jubilee were EVERTHING!! I loved all of the Betty and Jughhead (Bughead) relationship scenes. I patricianly adored the one in Jughead's trailer, the such emotional way Betty and Jughead expressed their feelings toward each other and immediately what transpired afterward, WOW talk about steamy, I HATED how Jughead answered the door, it REALLY killed the mood LOL! When Jughead put the Southside Serpent giacca on he totally looked like a dark James Dean/Ponyboy Curtis vibe and the look Betty gave him was so heart-wretchedly sad, I really hope this doesn't throw their relationship into too much turmoil I just adore them together. Archie and Veronica's budding relationship has been really sweet to see develop over this 1st Season as well what occurred between them in the finale it was sexy and sweet without being too trashy. Now onto the ending, without spoiling it at all WOW it TOALLY and COMPETLELY CAUGHT ME OFF GUARD!! It has too be one of the most shocking 1st Season finales I've seen in at least the past ten years, it also set up what will undoubtedly be the major new mystery of Season 2 ! I cannot wait too see how all of the relationships between everyone continue to deepen and develop. I only have three things left to say: BRING ON SEASON 2!!