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Mikaela12 posted on Dec 11, 2008 at 03:28AM
Everyone should check out , and help a girl out! Start an epidemic! Spread the word! :)

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più di un anno fa sakura81 said…
più di un anno fa Teresa07 said…
Hello my name is Teresa I am Spanish and want to be able to write a letter to Robert Pattinson ... but I have a great problem and esque not where to send her him(you,them) in order that it(he,she) receives it personally ... SOMEONE ME PODRIA TO FACILITATE SOME DIRECTION(ADDRESS)? Indeed it(he,she) is very important help my me
Thank you
più di un anno fa breadstick said…
big smile
uhm is this to help you meet rob pattinson or like a contest to meet him.
cause if you want other girls to help you you must be crazy cause other girls wanna meet him.
just saying
più di un anno fa PAchick21 said…
My question is the same as Teresa07 (above), what is the address inwhich we could write to Rob. Were he would actually read his mail???

thanks xoxo
più di un anno fa EdwardsMeteor said…
i have the adress...but i wasn't gonna send it coz i didn't think that rpattz actually answered it himself. but in an interview he said that he answers all his fanmail himself!! so this is the adress:
Robert Pattinson
Curtis Brown Group Ltd.
Haymarket House
5th Floor
28-29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP

Hope that helps darlin! ;)

più di un anno fa tatia said…
big smile
is this his real adrress???OMG!!I want to send him an email!Do you know his email adress?
più di un anno fa Teresa07 said…
Thank you very much ... indeed but that to my me gustaria to know it .... because I want to be an actress. Musical because I study in a conservatoire and me gustaria to be able to know him ..... it is my dream .... and me gustaria to fulfill it .... but ... I see it very difficult ... if someone you me could help be grateful for it very much.
A question:

Sabeis some way of entering in touch with?? Does he look at this page??
più di un anno fa Sakuri said…
big smile name is Claudia and i'm a big fan of Robert please....if someone have the real e-mail adress....i want to speak with him.....and i hope that he'll answer me ...thanks
più di un anno fa Sakuri said…
wonderful. Teresa. . . . I dream to be an actress. . . . . and I hope to succeed. . . . maybe I'll have the chance to play in the same movie:))
più di un anno fa team_robward said…
OME! Thanx heaps guys!!!
più di un anno fa sophietoogood said…
I have met Rob Pattinson... it was quite a while ago though... b4 he started doing Twilight... and i didnt really know who he was at first... lol. He is actually quite nice... very shy in person. very polite. not at all what you expect from a celebrity... but he was very down to earth... just another normal guy... it was great talking to him actually.. lol btw... just a heads up 4 all u girls out there... he hates pushy girls... he likes the quiet type. xxx
più di un anno fa robpattzkeeper said…
i am a HUMONGOUS fan of Rob and I rlly wana know his real email address