Robert Pattinson TRAITOR!!!!

Pyoro_63 posted on Mar 02, 2010 at 10:37PM
If u watched harry potter 5, You see him as cedric.
This movie came out befor twilight movie.

HE is a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else think he is a traitor?

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più di un anno fa qtpievy said…
y is he a traitor all he did was star in 2 movies i don't get it ??????? why do ppl think that u have 2 choose between harry potter and twilight!!!!i think they r both well written and amazing books by 2 amazing authors!!!!! but i guess everybody has their opinion.........................
più di un anno fa katiecain said…
LOL what?! He's an actor. Actors play different roles if you didn't know.
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più di un anno fa cuteipie said…
rob p is in all sorts of things them just being 2 of them u r just being silly lol u r so lame