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Opinion by arrowone posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
Everything appears to be going great. The corporations have complete control over a human being like they always wanted. They have so little regard for what the worker bee can do that they think nothing of the mind inside the body, just that a human body can manuever their machinary better then a machine can. Everything seems perfect. He's got everything. That is...until the giorno that mind produces a dream.

And thus the finest movie ever made was born. There are millions of good scenes in RoboCop. In fact, for as many crappy scenes as there are in Juno? There are great scenes in RoboCop. RoboCop is the unending psychological fonte for all things troubling everyone of us adults. Why all action Film are laughable and boring now and make us want to make fun of them. The way we used to do to superheroes and superhero Film before Spider-Man (2002). There will never be a movie like RoboCop again. They've even tried to make RoboCops that had più and better things then the first one. Something's off. And we ALL can tell. Even if te get the perfect RoboCop movie it seems, Murphy will sound stupid o Ann Lewis will be too bitchy and have a stupid haircut, o the music...