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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
On a friday evening.....
Roxanne: Josephine!
Josephine: What te want, Rox?
Roxanne: Me and the girls are going 2 a Friends house
Josephine: Be back before 11:30 p.m.
Diana: Yes, ma'am!
They walked out the door.
Jazmine: Cant believe we doing this!
Roxanne: *gluing the door shut* We have 2!
Diana: *locking the windows*
Jazmine: *setting sprinklers*
Jazmine: Kenzie detto she's at the concert.
Diana: Come on! *running*
At the concert....
Alley: Front row seats!!!!
Kenzie: Awesome!
Rosie: Eww! Y'all here!
Jazmine: Rosie....
Rosie: At least I have a backstage pass.
Diana: We do 2!
Rosie: Damn!
During the concert........
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srry i haven't been Scrivere
~~One mese Later~~
~~No Ones POV~~
Tassy belive it o not is prggeo shes 8 1/2 months
Geel~breath in and out
Tassy~*does as told*
im gunna skip wen they already had the baby
at the hospital
the baby~link
Nadi~girl he look like you
eb/nadi~yea he does
~~At Home~~
(btw the babys name is Dominuque Trey Young,see wat i did there lol)
Tassy~*rocks him to sleep*
Roc~here ill put him in his room*take domi*
(his room link)

srry i kno its short but più eppies i promise not today maybe not to morrow but soon again!!
posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Three days later, Jazmine found più stuff that Roxanne stolen.
Jazmine: Roxanne Bobbie Thomas!
Roxanne: What....
Jazmine: Where did te get this stuff?
Roxanne: Ummm......Internet?
Jazmine: te have 2 stop this habit of yours!!
Roxanne: What! It might come in handy......
Jazmine: te have 2 control yourself!
Roxanne: Wateva! I'm gonna play pallacanestro, basket with Jacob. *leaving the house*
Jazmine: Geez!
Roc: Just give her a little space.
Jazmine: I'm just scared 4 her when she gets caught.
Roc: I know ur trying 2 help, but she's a skilled tomboy. She'll never give up.
Jazmine: Hmmm....
Roc: Do te think Roxanne...
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