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superiore, in alto 3 best fucking freaky moments
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yeah I was just bored so i wrote an imagine its my first one so don't judge

you are walking when te see your bestfriend Princeton walking ahead of you.

you:Yo Prince wait up

prince: ciao boo what's up

you secretly blush because te know deep down inside te have feelings for Prince but don't want to admit it

you: umm what are te doing later on today

prince: nothing

you: perfect why don't te come help me pick out a dress for a party I'm going to

prince: alright

1 ora Later

you: alright what te think about this

prince: umm it's alright

you: what te mean alright do I look ugly

prince: no no it's not that...
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Hello , ♥

Chapter : " I See te Again "


Roc's POV ,

Today the boy's and I decided to go to the park , because there's a pallacanestro, basket court there . The boys and I got ready put on our pallacanestro, basket shorts and white tank tops . We headed out & started walking to the park , we saw alot of cute girls , Roc didn't even care , that's good though it's nice to know that . We reached the pallacanestro, basket court and started playing pallacanestro, basket .

Tassy's POV ,

Today I was going to go for a walk at the park , I wanted to look casual , nothing special , I walked to...
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* Phone convo*

Yn: hello

Roc: ciao babe te busy tonight

Yn: no why???

Roc: I wanted to know if te wanna walk on the beach.

Yn: awe romantic I will Amore that what time.??

Roc: 7

Yn: no prob bye hun

Roc: bye

Yn pov

Me: rosa dress no

Croped superiore, in alto with skinny jeans no

Shorts with sweater and tank superiore, in alto with converse

Gold earings nope

Silver hopes yes


Beep beep

Me: he's here


Roc: ciao sexy

Yn: *blushing*

Roc: te ready

Yn: yh

When they arrive......

They couldn't stop talking they went to a caramelle store
rides and more.

. * when they arrive home.......

They watch Film talk più laugh
and they had più special...
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This is Chapter One Of BadGirl / Roc Royal Amore Story

Enjoy ! , ♥

I'm gonna be making stories all giorno ! , ♥
The rest of the girl's won't be coming in until chapter four ! ,

Chapter : " Clumsy culo "

Tassy POV ,

I was having a beautiful dream about my parent's . I was dreaming about how perfect my life would be with them , but it doesn't even matter . I woke up & rubbed my eyes . I stood up & stretched , I skipped to my bathroom to do my hygiene and shit , when I was done I was getting ready to go jogging . I usually take a little jog to...
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