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la scelta dei fan: John Alden
la scelta dei fan: Mary Sibley
la scelta dei fan: Yay
la scelta dei fan: ➤ best tv actress: janet montgomery
la scelta dei fan: Mary & John
Mary & amp; John
Gloriana & amp; Cotton
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HaleyDewit detto …
Let me get this straight... Anne thrusts a ratto down Cotton's throat, have that same ratto eat up his insides if he attempts to leave... but HE should honor their marriage and treat HER better? postato più di un anno fa
HaleyDewit detto …
Okay, I no longer ship Cotton&Anne. postato più di un anno fa
HaleyDewit detto …
I hear season 3 will start in the week of Halloween. Why so late? I mean, it's fitting with Halloween and all, but it always used to start in April. postato più di un anno fa
sherlocked88 commentato…
I was thinking the same thing, actually. I thought it was supposed to start in April. più di un anno fa
sherlocked88 commentato…
And now we gotta wait for MONTHS. It's not fair. più di un anno fa
HaleyDewit commentato…
Especially when it was announced so late. più di un anno fa