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la scelta dei fan: 3x16 Saturday night glee-ver
la scelta dei fan: Human nature
la scelta dei fan: Yes! I'm so happy!
Yes! I&# 39; m so happy!
Doesn&# 39; t matter to me.
la scelta dei fan: Of course! They are meant for eachother
la scelta dei fan: Yes!
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Sam and Mercedes bacheca

Fraxwell detto …
i want them back so much! i don't like bram postato più di un anno fa
Clara_Valentina commentato…
I want them too! I've missed them soo much :( più di un anno fa
amb_169 detto …
I'm mad because when they was dating Ryan doesn't put some scene about them, we never saw the together and now they break up so will never be another Samcedes moment!! postato più di un anno fa
amb_169 commentato…
I miss them so much!!!!!!!!!!!! più di un anno fa
Clara_Valentina commentato…
I totally understand te because I'm feel just like te più di un anno fa
bonbonandkol18 detto …
i just started watching Glee and i fell in Amore with this ship season 3. they had some really good moments and Glee not afraid to push things to the like other shows are. they are only doing what reality relationships look like today and i Amore Glee for that. So sam and mercedes are one of my new preferito couples. postato più di un anno fa
Claire1896 commentato…
te just started watching Glee??? Is it too late to say: welcome in the fandom sweety!! più di un anno fa
bonbonandkol18 commentato…
indeed i do lol più di un anno fa