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007700213ahanna detto …
I am so up to SasuNaru..! I don't now why.. But I like it! :D I think one of the reason is because I hate Sakura >3 One other think is that I just like boyxboy :3 postato più di un anno fa
Ash2000ice detto …
I like SasuNaru better! it's just that in the episodes that i've seen so far, which to me isn't a lot, i'm like in the 130's, it does seem like Sasuke and Naruto should be together, If Sakura was really in "Love" with Sasuke she should be the one to go get him back, but no she's making Naruto do it, which i think he's doing it più for himself then for her. but te know like i said, i haven't seen much so i really shouldn't be saying anything. postato più di un anno fa
Luna-Lacrimosa detto …
SasuNaru. Im not a craxy fangirl. Look, I know it's shounen but Kishimoto and his wife both like SasuNaru. The relationship between Sasuke and Naruto has sooo much thought and potental. SasuSaku has nothing backing it up except for Sakura's "Love". She always degraded Naruto before Sasuke told her she was annoying and messed up for thinking such ways about Naruto. She then realized Naruto's strength. She isn't bad but annoying. She was obsessed with Sasuke, I do not think it's love... postato più di un anno fa
Ash2000ice commentato…
Thank you. i totally agree! più di un anno fa