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 Joey holding Annette during the tragedy of Bobby C
Joey holding Annette during the tragedy of Bobby C
Is it true if Annette gotten raped o not?

Lets start from the beginning, when Joey went to the stage room with a woman to tell Tony about Double J taking too much time in the car with a girl. As the two went outside the club, Joey asked Tony if he's ever gonna make it with Annette. It seemed like Joey has a interest in her but through out the movie, he never told her about how he feels about her, which assumed because of Tony and what Tony may feel about it.

In the club, we can briefly see Joey and Annette dancing together in the background while in the front, Tony gives a drunken girl a kiss...
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 Bobby C goofs on the bridge
Bobby C goofs on the bridge
At the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, Joey does a handstand on the railings of the bridge after scoring with Annette. As he calls out for Double J.

Joey: (whooping) "Yeah. Fuck. Double J, come on, Double J!"

Double J walks out of the backseat of the car after raping Annette. As he climbs the rails of the bridge with his pants down with his white underwear exposed.

Double J: "Give me a beer! No pants and no hands!"

Joey goes to the car and grabs 2 beers and climbs the rails and hands one of the beers to Double J.

Joey: "Here a beer."

(both Joey and Double J whooping)

Double J: "Fuck you! Manhattan! come...
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Scene where Tony and Stephanie have lunch

At the dance studio, Pete teaching several people to dance.

Pete: Come on, honey, higher with the arms.
Yeah, that's it. Yeah, do it to me!

Tony walks to the entrance to ask Pete about Stephanie.

Tony: Pete, she come in?

Pete: I told te on the phone, she comes in on Tuesday.

Tony: I know. So, did she come in o what?

Pete: And what is it today, huh?

Tony: It's Tuesday.

Pete: Yeah.
Hey, Ton! Watch it, man. That one's practicing to be a bitch. Come on, people! Good, yeah. Oh, that's good. You're doing great. Yeah.

In another room, Tony watches Stephanie practicing...
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posted by boytoy_84
 Tony, Joey, Bobby C and Double J
Tony, Joey, Bobby C and Double J
2001 Odyssey: A discotheque club were Tony and his Friends all hang out every Saturday night. The building is an actual night club from the 70's which was demolished in 2005.

Al Pacino: An actor that a drunk woman called Tony when he kisses her and Tony has a poster of him from the 1973 film, Serpico and walks out of this room wearing only his black underwear and chanting Al Pacino in front of his grandmother who covers her face when he walked out.

Annette: Tony's former dance partner, who became rejected da him for another woman. Annette instead searches for someone who's più caring and willing...
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 Bobby C
Bobby C
Writen da a unknown fan.

This is some of Bobby's background during the film,
suppose of what Bobby C has in his mind,

We start off with him being a sweet mousy go along guy who has this girlfriend Pauline who is probably a girl like Annette trolling the discos looking to find a husband. Unlike Tony, who is on to girls like that, Bobby C is naive. The first thing we see is him asking If anyone has seen Pauline. But still waters run deep. We also see he likes to sit quietly and take pills/,drugs. But drugs for mental illness o social drugs? But, at the beginning he's also kind to women because...
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posted by boytoy_84
My risposte to the risposte of commenti of the IMDb about Annette and few other characters in the film.

1). Two things that all of te need to get straight: Annette was raped. Bobby didn't fall on purpose, he slipped.

My reply: 1. Yes, she got raped but she was raped da only Double J. Because she accidentally chosen him after taking too much "Speed" and got high. Before that she was willing to have sex with Joey to make Tony envy after the way he treated her and prefers Stephanie over her. When Tony tells Annette that they're no longer dance partners and found another woman, Annette was heartbroken...
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 Double J playing with the lights
Double J playing with the lights
(the guys head to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge, Bobby C stops the car at the middle of the bridge, Tony, Double J and Joey jump out of the car and start fooling around)

Joey: (whooping)

(Joey climbs on the cable wires, swinging his legs together and slides down slowly as Annette watches them from inside the car, Bobby watches them as well.)

Bobby C: "Stupid Goofs."

(Tony stands on the rails of the bridge and starts walking lightly as he looks over at Annette)

Tony: Hey, Annette, can te dig it? I knew that te could."

(Double J walks carefully on the beam of the bridge where the lights are as Joey...
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 The gang
The gang
As a great actor John Travolta is and he's one of my absolute preferito actors. There's some things about Tony that I dislike about him and some good points about him.

Most throughout the film, he's not bad and I Amire him, but some scenes that involve Annette, I feel he's not nice and the way he treats her. In the beginning of the film of Annette's first appearance, Tony talks so selfish to her da telling her that she's "not his dream girl" after they danced, Tony sits back down with his Friends and leaving Annette standing and not mostrare any generous manner to let her sit with him. He tells...
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 Joey mostrare bloody wounds on his face
Joey showing bloody wounds on his face
Sexuality & Nudity

1. A woman agree to dance on the stage for Tony, as she dances, she strips her clothes off, revealing her breasts. She also shakes her bare buttocks. She is shown twice in the film.

2. A man is shown in the car having sex with a woman and two other men talks to him to get him out of the car, as the man sits up, the woman gets up as one of her breasts exposed. the man and the woman moan and the man says "It's coming" three times. the woman is relieved and says "Yes". Known both the man and the woman had an orgasm.

3. Tony and his former dance partner have sex. He tells her...
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 Joey with Annette
Joey with Annette
One fan from IMDb explains about them:

"One più thing. Joey ended up being Annette's' FIRST. But, throughout the movie he shows interest in her. It's subtle. But, after the tragedy with Bobby C, and BAM, they INSTANTLY grow up, te see Joey walking off with Annette sort of like a modern caveman claiming her as his woman, arms around her protective as he is walking off with her. She's dazed and confused as if she doesn't realize she's just been dragged back to Joey 's cave. She got what she wanted. Probably a match but not with Tony, who didn't want her and wasn't protective of her, but caveman...
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 (da sinistra a destra) Joey, Double J, Tony Manero, Stephanie e Bobby C
(da sinistra a destra) Joey, Double J, Tony Manero, Stephanie e Bobby C
Tony Manero un Brooklyn diciannovenne discoteca amante adolescente che ama trascorrere ogni Sabato sera al 2001 odissea discoteca con i suoi 4 amici, Joey, Bobby C, Double J e Gus. Tony ha un ex partner di ballo, Annette Chi vuole per diventare più che amici con lui che Tony non è d'accordo con tutti le sue sorelle matrimonio. Tony incontra un grande ballerino di nome Stephanie. Tony chiede a Stephanie di essere il suo nuovo partner di ballo. Mentre lei è d'accordo, Tony dice Annette che lei non è più il suo partner di ballo e ha un nuovo partner di ballo che vive a Manhattan. In breve,...
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 Tony and Joey
Tony and Joey
Here are the songs from the beginning to the end of the film.

1. Stayin' Alive : Tony's walk

2. Night Fever: Tony fixing himself up to go to 2001 Odyssey disco club.

3. Doctor Disco: "The Faces" head to the club before getting out of the car.

4. A Fifth Of Beethoven: Tony and "The Faces" enter the club.

5. The Disco Inferno: Tony and Annette dance.

6. Salsation: Tony sees Stephanie for the first time and Tony asks Joey if he knows her.

7. If I can't have you: Tony in the stage room with Annette and Double J scores in the car.

8. Night Fever: Tony and his Friends (Except Bobby C) dance along with other...
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 (left to right) Bobby C, Double J and Joey
(left to right) Bobby C, Double J and Joey
(scene at Phillips' dance studio)

(Stephanie is sitting on the floor stretching her legs out as Tony appears walking to the room where she is. Stephanie looks up and spots Tony in the mirror standing and not looking happy. she turns around)

Stephanie: "Hey. What are te standing there for?"

Tony: "How come te wasn't there Saturday night?"

Stephanie: " I didn't say I was gonna be there Saturday night."

Tony: "The fuck te didn't."

Stephanie: "I detto 'maybe', maybe is maybe. I didn't think you'd get upset about it."

Tony: "I'm not upset, but we need to practice. te should've been there."

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 週末夜狂熱 (C) サタデー·ナイト·フィーバー (J)
週末夜狂熱 (C) サタデー·ナイト·フィーバー (J)
John Travolta
(Chinese)約翰·特拉沃爾塔 (Japanese)ジョン·トラボルタ

Karen Lynn Gorney
(Chinese)卡倫林恩Gorney (Japanese)カレン·リンGorney

Barry Miller
(Chinese)巴里·米勒 (Japanese)バリー·ミラー

Joseph Cali
(Chinese)約瑟夫·卡利 (Japanese)ジョセフ·カリ

Paul Pape
(Chinese)保羅·帕普 (Japanese)ポール·パプ

Donna Pescow
(Chinese)唐娜Pescow (Japanese)ドナPescow

Tony Manero
(Chinese)托尼Manero (Japanese)トニーマネロ

(Chinese)斯蒂芬妮 (Japanese)ステファニー

Bobby C
(Chinese)鮑比ç (Japanese)ボビー·C

(Chinese)喬伊 (Japanese)ジョーイ

Double J
(Chinese)雙J (Japanese)ダブルJ

(Chinese)安妮特 (Japanese)アネット
 喬伊(左),雙J(頂部),呂秀蓮(底部)和托尼(右)(C) ジョーイ(左)、ダブルJ(上)、アネット(下)とトニー(右)(J)
喬伊(左),雙J(頂部),呂秀蓮(底部)和托尼(右)(C) ジョーイ(左)、ダブルJ(上)、アネット(下)とトニー(右)(J)
 John and the cast
John and the cast
What is your sentence? Find out da your data of birth and camicia color:

month te were born:
Jan: I drank a birra with
Feb: I fucked with
Mar: I danced with
April: I had lunch with
May: I slapped______back of the head
June: I raped
July: I cheated on
Aug: I beat up
Sept: I went to the bridge with
Oct: I got pregnant by/I knocked up
Nov: I took speed with
Dec: I stayed over__'s house over night

Day te were born:
1: Flo
2: Maurice Gibb
3: one of the Baracudas
4: Tony Manero
5: the DJ
6: Frank Sr
7: Pauline
8: Joey
9: Linda Manero
10: Bobby C
11: A Italian woman
12: A gay/Lesbian
13: Double J
14: A bisexual
15: Tony's grandmother...
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 Tony Manero in SNF
Tony Manero in SNF
Nineteen-year-old Tony Manero swaggers through the baia Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, on his way to work at a hardware store. His boss, Dan Fusco, likes that Tony charms customers, but he refuses the young man’s request for an advance. At home, Tony primps to go out, then rushes through cena with his Italian-American parents, Frank, Sr., and Flo, his grandmother, and his younger sister, Linda, all of whom compare him unfavorably to his older brother, Frank, Jr., a Catholic priest. Outside, Tony’s Friends Bobby C., Joey, Double J., and Gus, wait in Bobby C.’s car on their...
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 Tony causing a fight against Joey and Double J
Tony causing a fight against Joey and Double J
I don't hate Tony but there's some scenes and stuff that I dislike about him.

1. Annette: I don't like how he treats Annette at all. In the beginning, she dances with him to the song "Burn, Baby, Burn". I think he dances with her to get her off his back. When she wants to sit with him, he refuses to let her sit with him and tries to ignore her. I feel that's not right. I feel he's really mean to her in the entire film except when he had to apologize to her when she was attempting to jump off the bridge. successivo thing, he tries to ignore her più and not being nice enough to light up her cigarette....
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 Double J about to back up the car
Double J about to back up the car
Tony and his buddies stop at the Baracudas club. Double J walks out of the car and walks toward the window and looks in and sees the Baracudas playing pool and chilling. Double J with a half of a smile with a pocket coltello in his hand walks back to the car and tells the guys that they're in their club.

Double J: " Beautiful man. there is six o seven of them and a couple of chicks in there."

Bobby C: "Let's wait until there are three o four people."

Joey: "One o two?"

Double J: "Tony!"

Tony: "Alright! I'm thinking, I'm thinking."

Bobby: "Tony, listen...."

Double J: "Shut up! I'm gonna back up."

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♪ I know your eyes in the morning sun
I feel te touch me in the pouring rain
And the moment that te wander far from me
I wanna feel te in my arms again ♪

♪ And te come to me on a summer breeze
Keep me warm in your Amore and then softly leave
And it's me te need to show
How Deep Is Your Amore ♪

♪ How deep is your love, How deep is your love
I really need to learn
'Cause we're living in a world of fools
Breaking us down
When they all should let us be
We belong to te and me ♪

♪ I believe in you
You know the door to my very soul
You're the light in my deepest darkest hour
You're my saviour when...
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Here's 25 ways to say it:

English: Can te Dig It? I Knew That te Could.

Spanish: ¿Puede usted cavar? Sabía que sí.

French: Pouvez-vous le creuser? Je savais que vous pouviez.

German: Können Sie es graben? Ich wusste, dass Sie könnten.

Italian: Si può scavare? Sapevo che si poteva.

Chinese: 你能挖一下它麼? 我知道你可以。 (Nǐ néng wā yīxià tā me? Wǒ zhīdào nǐ kěyǐ.)

Japanese: あなたはそれを掘ることができますか? 私はあなたができることを知っていた。 (Anata wa sore o horu koto ga dekimasu ka? Watashi wa anata ga dekiru koto o shitteita.)...
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