This is TRUE. It really happened. I am younger than 14...
Last anno on my brother's birthday, we went out to eat to mancy's (expensive) to eat.
Right away when I walked in, I felt this very weird vibe. Something just STRUCK my cuore and dropped it. When we went out into ANOTHER door, I saw this clown statue... it gave me an even deeper vibe in my heart. Our waitress sat us down at a table. When I looked over, I saw several painting surrounding the entire room. They were all creepy. One picture had a little girl sitting down in a dark room with a man looking at her throughout a window. Another picture had a clown laughing with something in his hand. Another picture had a woman with two possessed looking kids, she had a bible with her as if she were Leggere it to them.
I cant remember any other pictures, I don't know why because I have GREAT memory. (Even when I was a baby) so I saw something walking upstairs. And no one goes upstairs. I heard footsteps above me but no one was there. Our light was blinking and moving.... I felt a slight breeze alot.
They say the clown statue had spirits following it. (The restaurant use to be across the strada, via from where it is now because it had once caught on fire)