I'm a new guy at this school, and I was told about the west staircase. I heard a beautiful devil lived there. It was kind of near my classroom, so like the Ribelle - The Brave fellow i was, I went up them. And I accidentally bumped into a man when I was going up the stairs.

He said, "Stupid human. How dare te bump into me? Did not anyone warn you, o are te just that stupid?" I looked up. A teenager with red eyes, and silver hair. Seems pretty normal to me. Whoa. He disappeared.

"Now te have to pay the price." A voice detto in a raspy tone as a chill went up my spine. "Naagh!" I shouted as my voice echoed up the stairs, and my camicia was ripped. Then I saw a pair of scissors come out from his pocket, and a weird symbol above his eye appeared. Then he detto again, "Two options: Die da scissors, o play with me." Play with- wait. What?

"I-I'll stay!" I detto as my limbs started to shake. "Hmmph. Well said. Now for contract." He detto as he drew in closer to my shoulder, and neck. "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed. He bit me! Just what is he?! Is he seriously a demon?!?! "Then he used his scissors and engraved two letters into my ankle, and bit my ankle all over, to the point of where the skin was tearing.


Then he detto as he licked the blood off of his mouth, "Now, te can't escape, you'll be mine forever." But I said, "No I won't, te idiot!" I detto as I tried to get up despite me bleeding, and clothes all torn. Then I ran down the stairs, then I tripped on a stair, and fell, until the successivo platform.

"Uhnn.." I groaned as I looked at my ankle. No... What... How.. My ankle. A trail of blood flowed from it, and a ring of blood was around my ankle, as if I were chained to something. "See? You'll never escape." Then I fainted and finally said,

"I give up."