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So, this is a Fanfic about how Takano feels about getting dreams of his past with Ritsu and after that. Its nothing really good, just written on whim. Anyway, please enjoy~

Those smeraldo eyes focused on ground and that glistening red face always fascinated him. Seeing that timid nods and those almost shaking hands must have been preferito scene of Saga.

"Senpai…! Have te read this book? It's really nice, you'll like it!"

Saga always liked how Ritsu would come to him after Leggere any interesting book. He hoped...
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posted by TakanoxOnodera
Rain pouring down on the quite strada, via & Masamune Takano ran quickly home, hoping he didn't get soaked da the down pour outside. Once inside his apartment, he is soak from the superiore, in alto of his dark, raven hair to his brown shoes.

He went to the elevator, press the button with the number 12, since he lived on the 12th floor, & tried to dry off his hair & coat.

Once at his level, he walks to his room number try to find his key, butt with no success. He knew his lover was either in his own apartment sleeping o inside Masamune apartment watching a movie.

Masamune let out a sigh, & ranged...
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Ending Song of Season 2
Lyrics written da Tōta Konishi
Music composed da Tōta Konishi
Arranged da Sakura Merry-Men
Performed da Sakura Merry-Men
Source for lyrics: Anime Lyrics dot Com


The only thing I've been wanting to convey and send to te is "I Amore you."
I will send it to no one else but you, always.

I feel helpless. I am unable to stop.
I don't even know what this feeling is called.
I can't calm myself down. I can't sleep at night.
Nothing else would go into my head.

The distance between us is short enough for my stretched hand to reach you,
but I've been merely gazing at...
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posted by KnowingNothing
ciao there. im a new fan and i just discovered this today! i have many domande that i want answered.
1.what is it about exactly?
2.who are the characters and what are their traits?
3.can i watch these episodes dub? i don't like the english sub version... the manga available here in America? if it is then can te please tell me where i can possibly find it?

those who answered my domande thanks for all your help. i Amore yaoi! i think it's the cutest thing seeing two men in love! and can te please tell me who are the ukes and semes in this Anime too plz? it prevents confusion...i've been looking for an all Yaoi anime:)
Ending Song of Season 1
Lyrics/Composition da Wakaba
Arrangement da Akihiro Yoshida
Sung da Wakaba
Source for lyrics: Anime Lyrics dot Com


Simply liking te won't satisfy me.
Simply admiring te won't satiate me.
Today, too, the only thing real is my loneliness.
If I go see te now, I'll surely end up crying.

I fell in Amore with you.
In a sunset, filled with the scent of the wind,
when I recall your voice and your smiles,
I immediately become happy.

I fell in Amore with you,
but I haven't been able to tell anyone yet.
When I recall your voice and the way te talk,
even though I'm...
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There are a couple of things that I find annoying, concerning this series.

no 1. "Ooh, my life is soo dramatic and sad. It sucks to be me, cuz I get constant attention from very hot guys. Life is so unfair."

I think te see the problem with that, right? I mean, yeah, I get that people are interested in this series because of the dramatics, but when I take a moment and actually think about it, guys like Ritsu, Chiaki, and Kisa have nothing to complain about. They have semes(very attractive ones, mind you) that completely adore them, and want nothing più than to lavish them with attention. If...
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