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 Spring Breakers , 2013
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Source: Spring Breakers , 2013
Spring Breakers , 2013
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This Selena Gomez foto contains vasca idromassaggio. There might also be acqua, nuoto, bagnante, bikini, due pezzi costume da bagno, and costume da bagno.

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The selenator of the mese (SEPTEMBER) is Selgomez4ever.(Savanna)

☻How do u feel as u became the Selenator of the month?

❥I thank everyone that voted for me first, it really means a lot

☻When u became Selena's fan?

❥I became Selena's fan around the time she was Mikayla (Hannah Montana)

☻What did u like the most about Selena when u first saw her?

❥I liked her additude and personality and her appearance

☻What do u like most about Selena?

❥I really, Amore everything about Selena, but I especially like the admiration she has for her fan

☻What are ur fav songs and Film da Selena?

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 Disney Channel and Disney XD National Talent cerca 2013 now underway
Disney Channel and Disney XD National Talent Search 2013 now underway
Disney Channel and Disney XD has begun a national talent cerca seeking talented, young actors, actresses, singers and dancers between the ages of 10 and 17 to be considered for roles in upcoming Disney Channel and Disney XD Original Film and Televisions Series. If te have a strong desire to act, sing, o dance, then Disney casting directors would Amore to see te at this open casting call.

Last anno Disney's Senior Vice President, Casting and Talent Relations stated, "We are pleased to play a part in cultivating young talent and helping them achieve their dreams ...our representatives are...
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posted by smarty2000
How te choose to express yourself
It's all your own and I can tell
It comes naturally, it comes naturally

te follow what te feel inside
It's intuitive, te don't have to try
It comes naturally, mmmm, it comes naturally
And it takes my breath away
(away, away, away, away, away, away, away, away)

te are the thunder and I am the lightening
And I Amore the way te know who te are
And to me it's exciting
When te know it's meant to be
Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally
When you're with me, baby
Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally

te have a way of moving me
A force of nature, your energy
It comes naturally (you know it does)
It comes naturally
Mmmm, yeah

And it takes my breath away (away, away, away)
What te do, so naturally (turally, turally, turally)


When we collide sparks fly
When te look in my eyes
It takes my breath away


Everything, baby, comes naturally
posted by smarty2000
I can tell da the way te feel
Something ain't going your way
Jeans too tight and your hair ain't right
We all get some of those days
Oh, throw that mirror away
Oh, te know it's gonna be okay

Take it down, shake it out
On the floor, you'll get over it
Let it drop, make it stop, oh

When te feel like nothing
Everybody's something
You and your friend
Everybody jumping
Look at us now
Everybody shout out
Oh, in the spotlight
No matter what you're outside
Get it what you're inside
Open your eyes
You deserve the spotlight
Don't be from them
Everybody's something

Oh, oh, in the spotlight
Oh, in the spotlight
Oh, in the...
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 Selena Gomez Come And Get It Cover
Selena Gomez Come And Get It Cover
Selena Gomez's new song, "Come & Get It" is the first single of her new album. It isn't premiering until April 6, but on her Facebook page, the singer revealed the lyrics early.

While the song is definitely about Amore -- one key line is "this Amore ain't finished yet" -- the jury is still out on if the tune is about ex Justin Bieber.

Check out the lyrics below.

You ain't gotta worry it's an open invitation.
I'll be sittin' right here real patient
All giorno all night. I'll be waitin' standby
Can't stop because I Amore it, hate the way I Amore you
All giorno all night maybe I'm addicted for life, no lie....
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We’ve all been there: te and your crush are in the middle of a fun and flirty text conversation when all of a sudden they stop responding! What happened? Did te say something wrong? Are they over you? Selena Gomez knows exactly what you’re going through because she’s totally gone through that same scenario!
Selena Gomez gave Zach Sang a little Amore consigli during her visit to the Goom Radio studios in New York. He wanted to know what he should do in this situation and Sel wisely answered, “She’s probably playing games.” Sel went on to explain “game playing” saying, “All of...
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