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posted by shadira
maria: huh ?
maria: *gasp and runs*
"so they kepted running untill the finaly reached the top"
shadow: *cryies*
shadira: dont cry shadow plz
g.u.n: * shoots maria*
maria: * falls on the floor*
shadira: MARIA!!!
maria: go to the escape pod
shadira: * runs to the escape pod* C'MON MARIA *all scared*

maria: go without me
shadira: w-why
maria: go have a normal life with shadow
shadira: m-maria * starts to have tears*
maria: * pulls the triger from the escape pod*
" and thats y i dont tell shadow about this*
posted by shadira
shadira: um gerold robotnick * has shadow*
gerald: yes shadira
shadira: weres maria
gerald: sleeping
shadira: ok ^^ * plays with shadow*
maria: * wakes up and see me with shadow* awwwww is that shadow * goes to me *

shadira: yes and he is urs
maria: awwww thanks
shadira:welcome maria: hehe

g.u.n: shadira we need to talk
me: ok
after that
maria: huh ?

plz commento and tell me why is shadira screaming