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Source: me, isabell
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Source: i got very lazy so i recolor shadow..
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Source: and they do have più kids OKAY!!!!!
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Source: Tokyo i wanna visit there!!!!!!!!!! O_O'
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shadow sings this when jules saved the universe and died
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There's gonna be più Shadules theme song :)
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(At colony ark 09)

Shadow: *dancing with Jules*

Jules: oh Shadow aren't te romantic

Shadow: yes i am babe *does the sway with jules and kisses Jules*

Jules: oh Shadow

Echo: ciao Sonic bet te can dance better than Shadow and dance with Jules!!!

Sonic: okay! *grabs Jules and dances with her*

Jules: um sonic i was dancing with Shadow

Sonic: yeah i know soon

Shadow: te ideot give me my wife!

Sonic: okay okay!!!!!! *gives Jules to Shadow*

Jules: *hugs Shadow*

(After the weddding party at home)

Shadow: *puts Jules on letto and removes tuxido

Jules: *removes wedding dress and wears pajama's and goes on bed*

Shadow: *goes on letto and hugs Jules* i Amore te good night

Jules: i Amore te to good night* sleeps*

Shadow: *sleeps*


Shadow and Jules story part 4: kids
(At colony ark)

Jules: *standing successivo to shadow while watching earth in window* i Amore te Shadow...

Shadow: *holds Jules hand* i Amore te too.....

Jules: oh shadow.. <3

Shadow: Jules i always wanted to tell te this....

Jules: what is it?

Shadow: this....*goes on knee's and bring out a small red box and opens it and in it is a ring* Jules would te marry me?

Jules: *cries* yes! *goes on knee's and huge Shadow* i Amore you!

Shadow i Amore te too want to get married now?

Jules: yes!!!

(At church)

Shadow: *fixing bow tie* ugh....

Sonic: the man I'm soon happy your bring married!!!! ^^

Shadow: yeah i...
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(at agrifoglio wood Park)

Jules: *sits on bench with guitar* im bored maybe ill just play my chitarra and sing in the park *grabs chitarra and sings* *starts playing guitar* .........Oooh...Ba-da-da-da-ba-ba blah blah blah coming out your mouth blah blah blah just zip te look like a padlock and meet me in the back with a jukebox i dont really care where te live at....*stops singing* ok this is still boring T_T

Celebrity: ciao who was singing?

Jules: what oh that was me sir

Celebrity: *goes front of Jules* do te want to be Famouse :)

Jules: *stands up* yeah

Celebrity: *shakes hands with Jules* well you...
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~Jules House~
Jules:IM bored!!!:/
Alice:Well at least play something...Um what about ur guitar?O.o
Jules:I dont know...but good idea*Grabs her chitarra and plays a little while*ooohhh not helping me
Alice:Well um....*Coming with an idea*Hhhmmmmmmmm
Jules:Let me think too!!!Hhhhmmmmmm.....
Alice:What about I call shadow?
Jules:HEy u cant call him...Only I can!
Alice:Yea but hes my very best friend..and I want him to get shocked da u from ur amazing voice.^.^
Jules:Oohhh I see what u mean...Which song should I play?
Alice:I know which one...*Grins* But first let me call shadow..*calls...
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