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posted by Sweeney-Pie
We all have different ways that we discovered Shane, what are yours? Well here are a few things in my opinion about him and also how I discovered 'im.
Okay giorno me and my buddy Isabella (nice name huh? lol) I detto something about picking a chick up with a nice lien so she shows me 'Pickup Lines' da him, i started watchign più and più as they came (this was when Pickup lines was new)
SO then, i got a video saying ciao IM ON BLOGTV, so i started an account on blog tv and got to chat wirth him-along with bunches of others- and then he did a shoutout of EVERYONEs names...HE detto MINE =D
MACEY <3 <3 <3
So I decided to see if he had a fansite on fanpop and he did =D so now im happifulls! Its too bad this aint very activem ill try to pubblicità it ^.~
ANYPOOPS so whats your opinion and story???