They left Gregson's office holding each others hand and found Oscar sitting in the corridor.
'Holmes, what's going on I've been here for almost two hours.'
'They haven't told you?'
'Told me what?'
Gregson and campana, bell appeared from round the corner.
'Sherlock, can we have a word with te and Oscar for a moment?'
Sherlock gave Joan a baciare on the cheek and followed them into one of the interview rooms.
'Now, Oscar we have decided not to charge te but only if te help us catch your dealer.'
'What? I've already told te i'm not telling te anything, if he finds out it was me i'm dead. You've seen the others.'
'How about this, we send Sherlock back with te tonight and he'll stay with te until we have enough evidence to arrest him?'
Oscar looked at Sherlock with a slight smile on his face.
'So he would be undercover?'
'You're sending a former addict into a drug den? That's like waving a red flag at a bull, he won't last three days in there without relapsing.'
Sherlock spun Oscar's chair round so he was facing him.
'Try me.'

Joan sat waiting for them, she still had her doubts about the whole operation. After a few minutes, the door opened.
'Sure you're up to this Holmes?'
'I can handle it.' He shook the captain's hand and turned to Joan. 'Hey.'
'Hey, how'd it go?'
'Oscar's agreed to help us in exchange for protection.'
She knew something was up.
'But only if i start tonight.'
'Tonight? That's a bit sudden.'
Sherlock wrapped his arms around her waist.
'We tried to change his mind but this was the only way he'd help us.'
She wrapped her arms around his neck.
'You sure te want to do this?' He nodded. 'I guess there's no turning back now.'
He lifted her head so she was looking directly at him.
'I promise, i will be back for te and Joesph. That te can count on.' He leaned down and placed a baciare on her lips. 'I Amore te Watson.'
'I Amore te Holmes.'

Gregson dropped Sherlock and Oscar off about half a mile from the tana, den in an unmarked car. Before he got out, he handed Sherlock something wrapped up.'
'Just in case.'
He opened the cloth, it was a gun. He stuffed it in his back pantaloni, pantalone pocket and got out of the car.
The pair walked for about thirty minuti before reaching the den.

'You ready?'
Sherlock nodded, after a moment he followed Oscar inside. It was not like any other drug tana, den he'd ever seen before, it was an old run down building with very little electricity and smelled fowl. He followed Oscar to the back room.
'Hey Oscar.' A women came up and hugged him. She noticed Sherlock standing in the doorway. 'Whose this?'
'One of my pals from the old days.'
She went over to him.
'Hi i'm Olivia , Oscar's sister.'
'You're Olivia?' She nodded. 'Oscar's told me all about te but you're nothing like I pictured te would be.'
'Is that a good thing?'
Oscar cleared his throat.
'So where's Micheal?'
'He's gone for the night, had a meeting in long island decided to stay there. Why?'
'I was wanting to introduce him to Sherlock, he's looking for work.'
She turned back to Sherlock.
'You want to work for Micheal? te don't seem like an addict.'
'You don't either.'
She smiled.
'Touche. te guys can crash here if te want.'
'Thanks sis.'
He led Sherlock upstairs to the first floor, there were a couple of mattresses free.
'Better then the floor.'
Sherlock settled himself down.
'You're sister, how did she become one of Micheal's associates?'
'Same as me, we both needed the money.'
Oscar sat on the mattress.
'But he uses her for other purposes?'
Oscar nodded.
'He sells her.'
'And she's ok with that?'
'She has to be. She likes te da the way.'
'How do te know?'
'I'm her brother, i can tell.'

After an ora Oscar had fallen asleep but Sherlock hadn't manged too, he kept thinking about Joan.