A couple of hours had past since Olivia left to meet Micheal, Sherlock lay on his mattress thinking about how to help her and Oscar. He could over them a way out but the domanda is would they take it? He knows Oscar is too dependant on drugs and rehab would be a waste of time but Olivia could convince him otherwise. He was stuck. He needed Joan. He took out the picture of Joesph and looked at his little boy remembering the giorno he was born, remembering the giorno his new life started and how he brought all his family back together. He placed the picture under his cuscino and went downstairs, he went into the cucina and found Oscar lying on the tavolo asleep.
He gave him a little shake which woke him.
'You alright?'
'I'm fine.'
Sherlock looked closer at him.
'Your high.'
Oscar let out a little chuckle.
'Duh, i'm an addict. What else do te expect?'
'I thought you'd be concerned about your sister.'
In that moment, Oscar punched him in the face.
'Why do te think i take the drugs!? Yeah im an addict but i also don't want to think about what he's putting my little sister through! What he makes her do! If my parents could see me now they'd be ashamed to call me a son and im a disgrace of a brother.'
In that moment Sherlock knew he had to get him out, both of them and he knew how to do it.
'Oscar, what if i could offer te a way out? For te and your sister but te have to trust me.'
'We can't, he would find us.'
'That's why i need your help to bust him. te know him better then anyone, te can help us put him away for good.'
Oscar shook his head.
'I can't.'
'Oscar please, do this for yourselve if not do it for your sister. She deserves better and so do you.'
He looked at him for a moment.
'Alright, what do we do?'

Sherlock spoke to Gregson, arranging the details of the bust. He knew this would be the one. After he finished he heard the door open, Olivia was back but he also heard Micheal. The plan was in motion. He went back downstairs and found them all in the living room.Olivia gave him a weak smile, he notcied all the bruising that covered her body.
'What happend?'
'She displeased a customer that's what.'
'So that gives them the right to beat her up?'
'They paid for it, if they don't get their moneys worth thats her problem.'
Sherlok felt an anger beginning to build. He had a particular distaste for men like Micheal.
'Anyway, i had a favour to ask you.'
Sherlock looked confused.
'I need te to come with me to set up a deal with a possible client.;
'Why me? te normally take Oscar.'
'Said te wanted a job, time to prove yourself.'
Sherlock shot a look a Olivia who was sitting quitely between the two, she looked up at him as if to say don't do it.
'A couple of nights from now, he needs time to get to New York.'
Micheal got up and shook his hand.
'Right, ill text te the information. I gotta go.'
As soon as he left Olivia got up and smacked Sherlock across the face.
'Why did te say yes!? te know what he's like, how do te know he isn't trying to test you?'
'Test me? How?'
'with new recruits, sometime he tries to see how intelligent they are da leaving them alone with the dealer o da putting something else in with the drugs and have te taste it.'
'Well i didn't know that did i, so the slap was a little uncalled for.'
Olivia took his face in her hands and examined his cheek.
'You'll live.'
She kissed him then went upstairs, he wished he could tell her about the plan but he knew she would blow his cover and she'd never forgive him.