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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of days later. Sherlock was about to go to letto when his phone went off. It was a text from Irene asking to see him one last time before she left. Joan was out seeing her family (She hasn't told them about her and Sherlock yet). He put on his giacca and scarf and left to meet her. He found her sitting in on a park bench.
'Didn't think te would mostra up.' Sherlock sat down successivo to her.
'What do te want?.'
'I told you. I wanted to see te before i left.'
'If te wanted to see me te would have come to my flat but no te chose to meet here. There's something else.' She took out her phone...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'Aren't te going to invite me in?.' Sherlock just stared at her in shock. 'I didn't expect te to be so speechless. Glad to see i still have that effect on you.'
'How can te be here?.'
'Not important. Now...'
'Tell me!.'
'How about we take this inside?.' Sherlock moved aside so Irene could come in. He followed her into the front room. 'Nice place. Don't know how te can afford it with your little habit.'
'How do te know about that?.' She turned round at him and smiled.
'I've kept tabs on you.'
'Then you'll know I've dato it up.' Irene moved closer to him.
'Did te miss me?.'
'I've moved on.'
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock and Joan have been in a relationship for about a mese and things seem to be going great so far...

Joan woke up and went downstairs, still in her nightwear, to find the cucina was still a mess from last night.

She heard him tumble out of bed. He came downstairs to the kitchen.
'Didn't i ask te to clean this up last night?.'
'I was going to clean it up this morning when te were still in letto so it would be a nice surprise. I didn't anticipate te being up this early.' He gave her his cucciolo dog eyes.
'No, don't do that.'
'Do what?.' He moved closer and wrapped his arms around...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The giorno of the trial arrived. Sherlock finished dressing and went downstairs. He was nervous, mainly for Joan. He found her in the living room with Joseph.
'Hey, te ok?'
'A little nervous.' He sat down successivo to her. 'You?'
'Not too bad, just don't want to face her attorney.'
'I know, but we've done nothing wrong. We have nothing to fear.' He took Joseph's hand. 'Uncle Mycroft's looking after te today, go easy on him.'
Joan giggled as Mycroft came out from the kitchen.
'I'm sure uncle Mycroft can look after him for one afternoon.' Joan handed Joseph to him. 'We'll be just fine, won't we?' Joan...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock sat in the back of the police car as they escorted him back to the brownstone, back to his family. He couldn't believe he was finally going home to them, he missed waking up to them every morning. As they pulled up outside, Joan was standing on the doorstep with Joseph.

Sherlock ran up the steps and hugged them both. Joseph held out his arms to him.
'Hey Joseph.' He spun him round and Joseph began to giggle. Sherlock kissed him on the cheek. 'I missed te so much.'
He looked back to Joan.
'But i think i miss te most of all.' He leaned in and kissed her. The baciare only last...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock saw at least 3 different exits from where he stood but all were to far to hatch an escape attempt that wouldn't involve a casuality. He knew what is was like to be shot but didn't want to experience it again. He checked his watch it was ten to eight, he needed to send a signal to Gregson but how? He looked round him for something that could help, he noticed a button the right hand side of the bacheca which could be the buildings old whistle to alert the men work was finished. But getting to it would prove to be a challenge.

'Which one of te is lying?'
'Micheal we've been doing buisness...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock woke early, knowing the giorno that lay ahead for him. He had been under cover for almost a mese and hadn't touched a ounce of drugs, for that he could be proud of himself but not for leading Olivia on. After today he knew he would have to explain so many things, Joan, Joseph, his carrer but all he wants his for her and her brother to get the help they need. He got a text from Gregson:
The raid will happen at 8, be ready.
He was but nervous at the same time. If even one thing went wrong, chances were he wouldn't get out alive. All he wanted was to see his wife and child, he missed them...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Joan sat in the police station, anxiously waiting for Gregson to appear. She hadn't heard from Sherlock in days, she just wanted to know he was ok. She heard Gregson's voice.
'Joan? What are te doing here? Where's the wee man?'
'He's with my mom, i was wondering te had a moment?'
He invited her into his office.
'Take a seat.'
She sat down.
'I was wondering if te heard from Sherlock?'
'I have, why?'
'Cause he hasn't phoned me in a few days, did he sound ok?'
'Joan he's fine, I got off the phone to him a couple if days ago. We're arranging a operation in order to take down Micheal, he's now in on one...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of hours had past since Olivia left to meet Micheal, Sherlock lay on his mattress thinking about how to help her and Oscar. He could over them a way out but the domanda is would they take it? He knows Oscar is too dependant on drugs and rehab would be a waste of time but Olivia could convince him otherwise. He was stuck. He needed Joan. He took out the picture of Joesph and looked at his little boy remembering the giorno he was born, remembering the giorno his new life started and how he brought all his family back together. He placed the picture under his cuscino and went downstairs, he...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
A couple of giorno have past and several busts have been attempted but none have been successful. Michael manged to escape every time. Sherlock was struggling to keep up his facade and with Michael growing suspicious he was keeping a closer eye on his workers. Oscar was always there to back him up but he if knew about Sherlock and his sister, he would drop him in it.

Sherlock lay there on his mattress, trying to deduce another strategy of how to apprehend Micheal. He knew his habits and every single one of his drop spots but not how he managed to escape every time even when surrounded. Then it...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock woke the successivo morning, Olivia was lying asleep beside him. He got up and went downstairs, no sign of Oscar o Micheal. He took out his phone and dialed Joan's number.
'Morning Watson.' He heard Joesph in the background. 'He's up early.'
Why do te think i'm up?'
He laughed.
'I miss you.'
'I miss te too.'
He took a deep breathe.
'I have to tell te something.'
He looked out the cucina to make sure Olivia wasn't up.
'I've figured out a way to get closer to Micheal.'
'But it involves me and Oscars sister.'
Joan went silent, she held the phone against her chest imagining...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
The successivo morning, Sherlock woke early in order to meet Gregson and segnala to him.
'Morning, how te feeling?'
'Not too bad, slept pretty well.'
Gregson took out a notepad.
'What te got?'
'The dealer is called Micheal, don't have a visual yet he's suppose to be returning from Long Island tonight depending how his 'meeting' goes. How's Watson?'
'She's fine, told me to give te this.'
He handed him a picture of Joseph.
'Thank te Captain.'

After the meeting Sherlock headed back to the den, Olivia was coming down the stairs as he came in.
He followed her to the kitchen.
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posted by nickjonasfan001
They left Gregson's office holding each others hand and found Oscar sitting in the corridor.
'Holmes, what's going on I've been here for almost two hours.'
'They haven't told you?'
'Told me what?'
Gregson and campana, bell appeared from round the corner.
'Sherlock, can we have a word with te and Oscar for a moment?'
Sherlock gave Joan a baciare on the cheek and followed them into one of the interview rooms.
'Now, Oscar we have decided not to charge te but only if te help us catch your dealer.'
'What? I've already told te i'm not telling te anything, if he finds out it was me i'm dead. You've seen the others.'...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
They both sat in Gregson's office as they questioned Oscar about the drug dealer, they hadn't detto a word to each other since leaving the brownstone. Sherlock could tell when she was annoyed with him, he had seen that look many times. He moved closer to her and buried his face in her hair.
'Joan, please, talk to me.' He kissed her shoulder. 'I'm sorry.'
She sighed.
'I know te are, but you've been keeping più secrets from me first it was Irene, then your brother now this. How many più can i expect?'
'No more.'
'You sure about that.' He placed his forehead on her shoulder, not wanting to look in...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
It had been almost an ora since Sherlock went down to the basement. Joan had began to pace in front of the door wondering who could be down there, she knew it wasn't Irene as she was in prison. She stopped pacing to open the door, she heard Sherlock's voice but didn't recognize the other one. She crept quietly down further reaching the door at the bottom, she carefully opened the door and peered through the small gap.

'So let me get this right, te want me to help te get rid of a drug squalo te owe a bunch of money too?'
'Sherlock scoffed.
'You've got to be kidding.'
'Come on Holmes,...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
'What are te doing here?'
'Can't a guy drop da and say hello?'
Sherlock stepped outside, shutting the door behind him.
'When the guy happens to be a current drug addict, no he can't.'
'You're one to talk.'
'I've been clean for almost 3 years.'
'Well congrats to you(!)' Oscar looked up at the brownstone. 'Nice place, daddy buy it for you?'
'He did.'
'You on your own?' Sherlock held up his left hand. 'Your married?'
'Almost two years.'
'Does she know about your past? Irene? The drugs?'
'She knows it all. Now, what do te want?'
'I was hoping for a fix.'
'Not likely, now if te excuse me.' Sherlock went...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Set a couple of years after Mycroft's funeral.
Sherlock and Joan have been married for almost two years and Joesph has just turned two.

Joan woke from her sleep upon hearing the noise downstairs, she got out of the letto and went down the stairs to living room only to see that Sherlock and Joesph had been playing one of their many games and have knocked over almost everything in the living room.

He looked at Joan and grabbed Joesph to stop him running around,
'What is going on? I thought te detto you'd be at the station this morning?'
'I was, I managed to solve the case in under half an...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sherlock went upstairs to get changed. He had to do something about Irene. Joan came out of the bathroom when he had just finished dressing.
'Where te off too?.'
'Gregson phoned. He needs me at the station.' He kissed her forehead. 'I won't be long.'
'Take a key with you, i'm booking the scan so i don't know how long i'll be.'
'Alright, i'll see te later. Amore you.'
'Love te too.'
He decided to walk to the station, he needed to clear is mind. He had to decide if he was going to tell Joan what happened o not, he didn't want to hurt her again. He promised her father that he wouldn't. As he walked...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
This is a continuation of the last story but is set about four months after.

Joan woke with sunlight coming through the window, it was beautiful. She looked over and saw Sherlock's half of the letto was empty. She put on her dressing toga, abito and went downstairs.

'Sherlock?' No one answered, he must be out. She picked her bag up off the tavolo and checked her phone, there was a text from him.
Sorry i'm not there, Gregson needed a hand with a case. Make it up to te tonight. Amore you.
She smiled then went into the cucina to get some coffee. She went and sat down then she got a call from her mum.
'Hey mum....
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posted by nickjonasfan001
As Irene left the room, she ran into Joan.
'What were te doing in his room?.'
'Saying goodbye.'
'Good. You've caused enough trouble.' She was about to go in when Irene grabbed her arm.
'Look, the only reason i did all those things was to protect him.'
'By letting them kidnap his girlfriend? Some protection.'
'The only reason i did that was... because i was jealous.'
'Of me?. She nodded 'Why?.'
'I was still in Amore him. I still am. He was the only man who was so challenging and difficult to figure out. I liked it, found it..kinda sexy. Then i saw how he was with te and i couldn't handle it. I'm sorry...
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