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la scelta dei fan: The human's?
la scelta dei fan: Amore Him
la scelta dei fan: Hate Him
la scelta dei fan: Toshio Ozaki
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ArcticWolf detto …
I play the Pianoforte and have some Pianoforte sheets for Anime osts in the house. My mom is a Pianoforte teacher and is struggling to find new Musica for her students to learn. She asked me if she could use some of my sheets, I say sure. Now one of her students is learning "Day and Night" from the Shiki soundtrack, and if he/she likes it enough they may want to play it at the annual Pianoforte recital with 50+ people. Not very important, but I'm happy that my Shiki Amore is being spread out into the real world! postato più di un anno fa
ReddSkye detto …
Just finished watching it, and it seems my fav character made a great ending scene on the final episode. Seishin Muroi! Yay! ...I'm weird, I know xD postato più di un anno fa
kittyluv57 detto …
That awesome moment when te finish the anime, and your preferito characters actually live for once. postato più di un anno fa
IllusionDolls commentato…
My preferito was one of the only survivors. :3 più di un anno fa