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la scelta dei fan: Siberian Huskies are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Siberian Huskies are the...
I am not sure
la scelta dei fan: Amore the movie
la scelta dei fan: Black
la scelta dei fan: Blue eyes.
Blue eyes.
By- eyed.(One blue and one...
la scelta dei fan: No, I have never had a pet Siberian Husky
No, I have never had a pet...
Yes I have had/ still have a...
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Siberian Huskies bacheca

lovergirl28 detto …
te guys I have a 6-7 week old babygirl. And she's full bread... she's a little to much for me right now. So I want to sell her to a good family. Just not sure how much to sell her for. Help?! postato più di un anno fa
lovergirl28 commentato…
And both of her eyes are sky blue if that makes a difference più di un anno fa
LupinPrincess detto …
Did u guys know there's a breed of miniature husky? Look up the Alaskan Klee Kai right here on fanpop postato più di un anno fa
thefool10 detto …
Iam getting a husky but iam not sure what to name her? So far I have nora, crystal,bella and stella a lot of my Friends say crystal for her what do u gies think? postato più di un anno fa