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AlphaAndOmega posted on Aug 01, 2011 at 12:14PM
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2-4 players (still not decided. Maybe 6 at maximum) 

You and the other players are driving along the road when've crashed. You wake up still in the car and you get out. You now take control of your character, your in silent hill. The other world, theres no way out so you go into buildings and scavenge weapons out of anything you find (lead pipes, crowbars etc.) then the sirens come on and the nightmare begins. Your greeted by monsters from previous games and you and your friends must fight them to survive. The longer you last and the more you kill the more points you get. Then it goes back to the mist and you have a certain amount of time to collect weapons, health packs before the nightmare begins again. It keeps repeating itself until all the players are dead. 

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più di un anno fa InvadaMiz said…
That's awesome, exept the end...that's wierd.Ive only seen the movie though
più di un anno fa Bond_Of_Fury said…
10 for creativity bro... But unfortunately, I'm gonna have to say no. A Silent Hill game should never be introduced to MP. Silent Hill was never very action-orientated. A MP where you kill monsters for points is mindless fun, but so not Silent Hill-ish. Plus, it has been done so many times before.