sonic: how was he alive!!!

silver: ya i thought i killed him!!!

honey: but te knocked him out, he pretended to be dead so he can plan his successivo move...

knuckles: can't we just find him and beat his ### up.

tails: ya but scourge is always on the sposta a lot knuckles

later at eggmans base...

decoe: Dr. we found honey

eggman: good job... i will take care of the rest ok

both (decoe and bocoe): ok

decoe and bocoe left the room.

eggman: enjoy your last giorno honey cause te will die.

???: i hear ya eggman.

eggman: who detto that

???: well of course its me *walks in light* blaze the cat

eggman: so now your gonna stop me.

blaze: ahahaha! no... only reason why is so me and silver are together again da destroying honey the cat. also i heard what te detto and i wont destroy your plans until honey is dead for good!

eggman: ok blaze te got a deal *shakes blaze's hand*.

back at honey's house...

honey: ciao silver.

silver: ya honey

honey: Halloween is coming soon and i was wondering if we can go get a costume together.

silver: Halloween is coming!!! i never knew!!!... and ok.

honey: great lets get going. guys!!! me and silver are going to get a costume!!! we will be right back!!!

honey and silver exit the house. they arrive at the costume store...

honey: look at all these costumes silver

silver: i see them. there is a lot here. hmm i don't see and costumes that have my shape so i can fit in it.

honey: we can just ask that guy over there since he works here

silver: ok. ciao can te tell me where the costumes for hedgehogs are at.

fang: at the end of the store which is all the way in the back.

silver: thank you. *runs all the way to the end of the store*.ok here they are.

honey: hmm do te know where the creepy pasta costumes are at for girls.

fang: third section to the right.

honey: thanks. *goes to third section then goes right* whoa... a lot to choose from *gasp* (whispers: exe eyes) *grabs exe eyes for cats. puts in bag* ok now i need som..... *gasp* wow! a fake blood pack *grabs and puts in bag*

with silver...

silver: hmm what to get for Halloween. hmm.... *looks around* hmm... *gasp* a shadow the hedgehog costume! oh ya... *grabs costume and puts in bag* got my costume. *goes to checkout*.

honey: Got my costume *goes to checkout*

both: here is my costume and items.

fang: *scans items and puts in a bag* here te both go.

both: thanks *takes bag and goes back to honeys house*.