2 days later...

honey: silver i will be right back.

silver: where are te going.

honey: uhh... its a suprise. *runs out the house and goes to the graveyard and build a super haunted house* think wil put my costume on and prank my friends. *puts costume on then calls silver*.

silver: *cell phone rings* hello?

honey: silver!!! help me!!!

silver: honey. where are you!?

honey: in a haunted house at the graveyard?! now save me!!! huh? ahhh!!!

silver: honey... *phone hangs up* honey!!! guys honey s in troble!!!

tails: where is she at!!!

silver: at a haunted house in the graveyard!!!

sonic: come on guys lets save her

all: yeah!!!

(meanwhile at honeys haunted house)

honey: now its time *puts a clone of me down and hides somewhere behind it* hehehe.

silver: were here guys now lets save her

all: got it *all enters*.

sonic: honey!!! where are you!!!

shadow: ciao guys i think i see her over there.

fake honey: silver!!! ahh!!! *gets stabed in the back* ,,,

silver: honey!!!

honey.exe (its really honey): hehehe...

tails: what is that.

knuckles:i am not sure but it looks like honey.

sonic: where have i seen those *gasp* *has a flashback*

sonic.exe: hello sonic, hello shadow.

sonic: its you. why are te here.

sonic.exe: am here for the chaos emeralds!!!

shadow: not on my watch *pulls gun out and shoots*

sonic.exe: *dies and never returns*.

flashback ends.

sonic: uh guys she has been turned to an exe!!!

all: what!!!

silver: but there was 2 of them.

knuckles: but... that... means...

all: ahhh!!!!

honey.exe (honey): ehehehe come back here *chases them* ahahaha honey is dead while i am alive!

silver: honey! snap out of it! its me silver your boyfriend!

honey.exe (honey): like i care silver im the exe version of honey not the normal one that i killed

all: ahh!!! *runs to the door and runs away but shadow*.

shadow: nice props honey. really went well with the prank te pulled.

honey: ok understand te didnt fall for it but thanks shadow.

Part 10 is next.