One giorno silver was walking around the mall thinking about blaze when he bumped into somebody.
Silver:oh i'm so sorry

Cheyenne:oh thats ok*looks up* your silver the hedgehog ,right?

Silver:yes how do u know me?

Cheyenne:i'm*blushes*your biggest fan.

Silver:oh well u want to go hang out?


Silver and Cheyenne went to their fav store and chased each other around until the managers kicked them out.

Cheyenne:i'm haveing soo much fun.

Silver:me too i haven't had this much fun sense...*starts crying*

Cheyenne:Silver!come on follow me.*puts arm on silver and they walk out side while its raining*

Silver:*still crying*Blaze!Blaze!how much i miss u!

Cheyenne:Silver! snap out of it!

Silver:blaze? is that u?*he thinks Cheyenne is blaze*

Cheyenne:no snap out of it blaze is gone!

Silver:*hollers* BLAZE!BLAZE!

Cheyenne:Silver its me Cheyenne your biggest fan silver please...

Silver:*still calling out blaze's name*

Cheyenne:SILVER I Amore YOU!*feels embarrised*

Silver:y-you Amore me

Cheyenne:yes if i didn't why would i do this? *kisses*

Silver:i Amore te too.

Silver then takes her to his house and they...

Cheyenne:Silver its so cold

Silver:here*gives her a blanket*

Then everybody comes in and Silver and Cheyenne are shocked.

Sonic:Silver!we heard u hade a new girlfriend.
*then Cheyenne stands up*

Cheyenne:Hello everybody i'm Cheyenne i'm Silvers new girlfriend.

Shadow:how about te tell us about yourself.