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This Silver the Hedgehog foto might contain fuoco, fiamme, and inferno.

posted by sarahsonic1056
blaze: I will be back silver, someday she will be in the graves forever. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

blaze leaves and silver unties the bag and honey. she steps out of it and hugs silver tightly then stops

silver: we gotta get back to my house. its getting dark.

honey: I will meet te there silver.

silver: ok honey. bye. honey: bye.

silver leaves but honey looks down at the lava, then someone shows up (not mostrare his/her self.

???: why te out here alone, pretty.

honey: huh? who detto that... mostra yourself!

he walks into the light, its was scourge.

scourge: now why te out here alone.

honey: oh um well I was on...
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added by sarahsonic1056
in a few days sense honey died, silver was recitazione like he loved her.... a lot!! he sat down with a frown on his face. a letter came in the mail and it was from honey. but how.

silver: what the. how is this from honey.

he read it. it detto
( silver, come to the grave yard at night to see a magical moment. its about me okay from honey the cat)

silver: there is noway she is alive now? well, at least i can tell her what i have always wanted to..."

blaze entered the room

blaze: to what silver? what have te have always wanted to say to her."

silver: uh..... blaze its hard to say this but..."

blaze: wait...
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posted by sarahsonic1056
"there i have my powers now" she left eggman there then eggman went to study about her. "hmm i wounder who she is, huh? what the heck is this, it detto she was made da general robotnick and somehow died. it says "project honey". i don't understand this at all" eggman kept looking in his computer but he found away to kill her when he saw how it happened. meanwhile, silver and shadow went to where she was going then they saw her. "hey shadow is that her" "yep, it is silver" she flew and saw silver and shadow then she landed. "hey guys" honey detto but nothing was said. she looked in there eyes...
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**Part 2 cont.**

Shadow: Just great just FUCKIN' great! *whips out a chaos spear*

Rai: Silver...

Silver: 8O The marshmellow NEVER lies!!!!

Amy: Ugh, is he still saying *imitates silver* "I'm a marshmellow"?

Rai: Not really, he says he saw a 'REAL' zombie

Flana: *Through the walls* HEEEEEEEEEELLLLPP!!!

Sky: *runs over to us* Silver's right! Their ARE real dead things *whimpers in fear*

Star: Oh shadow.... *smiles and has hearts filled in her eyes*

Shadow: *fights with the zomibe* Not now!!

Star: >:p fine! *storms off*

Shadow: What no help?!

Star: Do it on your OWN! *Pissed*

Sonic: ciao anyone seen...
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*In Staion Square*

Sonic: *Dressed up as a vampire* Look at what I got Tails! I got some Kit-Kat bars, Jaw Breakers, and a Marshmellow Lollipop shaped into a ghost!

Tails: *Dressed up as a werewolf* Really?! Same here!

Silver: *Dressed up as a marshmellow* I'm a marshmellow!!! 8D

Rai: *Dressed up as a sorceress* ciao guys! Have te gone to Shadow's Haunted House yet?

Sky: *Dressed up as a rockstar* Yeah, it's FUNN! 8D Until stella, star started to drool over Shadow -3-

Flana: *Dressed up as a hippie* But after the Haunted House the party's going to at Rai's.

Rai: PARTY!! *Woots and rushes to her house*...
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