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As many people here know, Sirius Black is my preferito character. He has always been and always will be. Some people, along with me, Amore him. Some hate him. Some don't have much of an opinion on him. I've decided that I want to explain why I like Sirius, and how I came to like him.

I saw HP 1-6 Film before Leggere any of the books. I remember loving Sirius, even before I read the books. I believe the reason I liked him at the time was the relationship he had with Harry. Harry never really had a father figure, and Sirius was the first family he had. I must have thought the relationship they...
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Okay, so everyone knows how Sirius Black died in HP, but maybe he didn't die. Here's my theory:

After Sirius fell behind the curtain, he was sort of in a state between life and death. Lucky for him, he finds a door. He opens the door and finds himself in the Room of Requirement, thanks to the many mysteries of Hogwarts. He soon finds the passage way to Hogsmeade, and apparates, since he's not on school grounds anymore. He goes to Grimmauld Place and gets rid of the death eaters. After that, Sirius says to himself: I've gotta tell Harry I'm alive! But, he'll get distracted, so I'll do it later....
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posted by AliceCullen353
This is part two!!!
Hope te enjoy!!!Its kinda long!I dont own harry potter!

Harry stood up and faced Voldemort.Tonks and Lupin stayed beside Siruis but the others formed a line behind Harry."The boy who lived Harry Poter!Time for te to be finshed Potter",Lord Voldemort spat at Harry."I'm not dieing tonight Riddle.I have to much to live for"Harry replied.
"Look at him he can hardly stand and he has the cheek to insult the Dark Lord!Master may i have a hand in his killing?"Bellatrix asked hopefully.
"No te may not.Potter is mine te can have your choice from the others nobody touches Potter" Voldemort...
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