Alright guys, I got EXTREMELY bored and I finished watching Ghostbusters (1 and 2). So I wrote a fanfiction of Ghostbusters on This is the first chapter. I want to see if te guys like this chapter before giving te the secondo chapter. Enjoy!

Elisabeth Marpoe recently graduated college and moved to New York City to live out her dream of acting. She moved into a apartment complex in Central Park West. As she moved into her apartment, she found a box in her bedroom closet. "What a beautiful box! Why would someone leave it here?" she asked herself. She picked it up for a closer look. It growled and she dropped it in surprise. When it hit the floor, it opens and eerie lights came from inside. A evil laugh can be heard like it echoing from everywhere.

Elisabeth was so scared, she grabbed her borsa and ran out of the apartment complex. She decides to go look for help. She walks around until she comes across a building. "Ghostbusters?" she asked herself, "I hope they are worthy to help a new girl like me." She walks in and walks up to the desk. A woman named Janine Melnitz greeted her, "Welcome to Ghostbusters. How may I help you?"

"Uh, yea. I recently moved into a apartment complex in Central Park West and found a beautiful box inside my bedroom closet. It growled at me and I accidentally dropped it. It opened as soon as it hit the floor. Lights and laughter came from inside the box a.. an... and it was so unnatural!" Elisabeth explained. Janine nodded and called down the team. 4 men slide down the pole.

Elisabeth approached them. Peter was the first to speak, "I'm Dr. Peter Venkman. This is Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddmore. What seems to be the problem?" Elisabeth explained again and leads them to her apartment. Egon asked her for some DNA testing and agreed to do so, while Peter, Ray, and Winston explored her apartment. As Elisabeth is doing some DNA tests for Egon, raggio, ray couldn't stop looking at her. Peter noticed it.

"Hey, Ray. Got a crush?" he teased.

raggio, ray looked baffled, "What? No! Lis is our new client. Why te would think that?"

"Well, maybe te can't keep your eyes off of her. Go sick her, Ray!" Peter detto jokingly, and shoved him towards her. raggio, ray blushed as he joined in her conversation with Egon. Elisabeth asked, "How long te been Ghostbusters?"

"Few years. We haven't got much activity lately but enough to give us something to do," raggio, ray replied. Egon nodded and asked, "And what do te do?"

Elisabeth said, "Well, I just got out of college with a Master's Degree for recitazione and film. I came to New York for Broadway."

There was a loud bang from the bedroom and lots of yelling. The 3 of them ran in there. raggio, ray and Egon got their proton-packs ready. It was a large, gruesome ghost attacking Peter and Winston while destroying Elisabeth's room. Peter asked, "Hey Lis! Know him?"


The ghost turned to Elisabeth and went after her. The Ghostbusters turned on their proton-packs and start hitting the ghost. Peter slid the trap underneath him and stepped on the petal. The ghost sucked into the trap and the little red light blinked.

"Is it gone?" Elisabeth asked.

"Lis, it's gone. Are te alright?" raggio, ray said, worriedly.

"Yea, I'm fine," Elisabeth said, looking into his eyes. She got a gut feeling she found her soulmate but wasn't so sure. Everything was happening so quick. Elisabeth decides to do something in return. "You guys want something to eat? I'll whip up something for ya!"