All right, it's embarrassing when you're in-between the ages aimed for mostra for preschoolers and parents. But when te check out Sofia The First out of curiosity from talk on fan sites, the amaro pill must be swallowed. I was one of those people, and the mostra lured me in. Now, from a teenage standpoint, it's not superb. However, it is rather addictive, and for me, it drew me to write about its future. To be simple, the mostra has potential to improve over the years. fan fiction writers have recognized this clearly. I like the character of Sofia and her struggle to become a princess. She is, in my view, an everyman despite her status. The mostra develops over time, which is the main attraction. Also, it plays well to its audience, without needing to pause and ask questions. In fact, it makes people ask domande about it. My critiques of it as a teen are to answer those domande clearly and speed up the growth a bit. Though the preschooler side is mostly focused on, the parent side, where I am closer to due to age, also is good. Sure, there are all the stella, star cameos, but there are also slyer things in the mostra related to the characters that older people would pick up. I like those sly things, and enjoy looking around for them. For example, a portrait of Amber's mother hangs in the palace dining room successivo to the più easily recognized portrait of Roland II. A più obvious point is Sofia's caution around magic related to her first try at a spell.