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posted by sexyluna34
it was a mid summer day.. the sun was shining. and it was really hot outside, here we meet sonic who is over at shadows house.

shadow: man.. why does it have to be so hot?

sonic: i have no te have any water?

shadow: sure..ill go get some.

shadow then goes into the kitchen.

shadow: oh da the way theres a fan running.. help yourself.

sonic: hmmmmm.

sonic: ahahahahahahhahhahahahaha{the fan blows}

shadow: yep i knew it. i knew te would do that.

shadow: here.

sonic: thanks. {chugs down water}

sonic: ooww brain freeze.

shadow: uh.. te didnt have to chug it down that fast te know?

sonic: ow my...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic was chatting with shadow and his mom
while neo was having a swim in the hot spring
the cave was very big magical cave there home
sorrow till sonic he add older and younger
sisters and brothers and NAGA lay eggs
baby NAGA are born in 6 weeks
are bambini are tiny detto sorrow
we have ink a baker pod to keep are eggs worm
NAGA can have there bambini
in o out of mating season detto sorrow
both sonic shadow blush a bit
shadow huh detto shadow now te have change
you have a mom dad both are male detto neo
coming over to them I do ask shadow yes
black doom his still your dad tho he like us
said sorrow...
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posted by sonadowlover321
sonic's POV:
sonic:*wakeing up slowly opening his eyes* *sees shadow across from him uncoscoss* shadow!*shakes him to wake him up* shadow wake up!
shadow:*wakes up* (groans) sonic...where are we?
shadow and sonic looked around the room. all there were was three stone walls and a bared entrance and exit way and they noticed bandages on each one of their arms. exsept shadow's arm was shaved.when they were done the hedghogs herd footsteps accoring.
they saw a woman and a girl, both were ponies, the older one had a blue cappotto of pelliccia and a arcobaleno mane and had a welcomeing face. the younger one had a arancia, arancio cappotto of pelliccia and purple mane.but was looking at them like something horrible was about to happen to them.
shadow: who are you?!where are we?!!
sonic:shadow calm down!* grabing shadow's shoulder*
woman:sorry to have scared te two, i'm arcobaleno dash and this is scottaloo*points at the child*
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