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 Wordless Sonadow&Shadic c:
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Sonic Nnd Shadow Were ShowiNn Each Other Amore ;D Until Someone HadTo Ruin It C'x Lol~
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Why do te hate it? People cant help being gay... Tak how would te like it if te were bi o gay and people made fun of you!!! te wouldnt like it now would you! so can ya'll Sonadow haters and against gay, lesbian and bi people quit it for fucking sake!? I swear to god people are getting più and più races these days!!! And besides why do te hate it!!! its no più than a couple!!! So what if their gay, it doesnt matter! Who gives a shit? ( tak does ) its still a couple. I understand its boy and boy and te would be like EWWWWWWWWWW but some people still think its a kick culo couple!!! (...
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