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amy:* starts to hum waiting for the end * sonic: ciao i think i got that on my mp3 player *un plugs head phones and turns up volume Musica starts playing*
amy:yeah thats the song i Amore Canto to it *starts singing* siting in a empty room trying to forget the past *stops singing* and so on sonic: your a good singer amy: thanks sonic uhhh soniuku. sonic:*winks*amy:*giggles and blushes* {amy walks up to sonic and then...............................................................

<3 to be contunied
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that te Amore me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I Amore you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that fan could discuss what he detto themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still...
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