(Part 3)
Jet-Let's put a race!
(Part 4)
(They get ready to start the race!)
Jet-Okay! Ready! Set! Go!
(They start the race!)
(I was getting the first place,But Shadow came in front of me and throw a tornado)
(I Lost my balance and fell)
(There was a battle between sonic and shadow but shadow used the dash attack behind sonic and he wins the RACE!!)
Jet-Cool Racing,Shadow.
Shadow-Thanks jet!
Sonic-So Manul119,You must be careful when riding extreme gear..
Manul119-ok..It's hard!Shadow is cool!And te too sonic!The battle between te too is .....
Sonic-Okay!Okay!Is cool!Right,i get it..
(Suddenly the ground began to change around me.and it became smeraldo hill.
Manul119-Wow!Ehere am i?
Sonic-Cool!You finished one level of your game!
Manul119-Wait!I am playing a game in this world?
Tails-Yeah.You must complete all the missions o te can't go home..
Manul119-What!Do i have too?
Sonic-Don't worry!We will help you!
Manul119-Ok!Let's finish this!
Shadow-Okay!You are a great rider.So here's a gift from me!
(And give's me a chaos emerald)
Shadow-If te complete missions,I will give te chaos emeralds!

To be countinued.