te all know of Silver The Hedgehog, at least i hope te do,and he has progressed into what he is today... a nieve teen.But, well, he has had some...trouble, trouble with being respected.But,that a changes one day... The Hedgehog is now in a park just sitting down and thinking peacefully. Well, until Shadow shows up. "Oh,hi there pot-head, I thought te were supossed to be at home making my pizza... so why arn't you?" Shadow loved picking on Silver. Silver detto nothing and just sat there.Then, Shadow punched him as hard as he could causing Silver to nearly get pushed off the bench. Shadow yelled "WHERE'S MY DAMN PIZZA!?!?!" Silver stands up and just walked in the woods. Silver has been like this for the past week. No one knew what was wrong with him o where he went in the afternoon. What was the only place he every went when te ask? The woods.In the woods,Silver sat down quietly on a rock, trying to think of ways to avoid his "friend". Thats how many people would pick on him. "Aww, poor little Silver, te still have a sucked up life? Aww." a famillair voice said. Silver quickly sprung to his feet to see who it was, and as he expected it was Mephiles, Mephiles The Dark. Silver spoke "Your spposed to be--!" Mephiles finshed the white hedgehogs sentance "Dead? Actually, i was never dead." Silver just stood there frozed in fear... if Mephiles back, was Iblis back too? Mephiles disappered but his voice could be heard, "Now then Silver, let's make sure your true destiny is met." Mephiles reappeared successivo to Silver and plunged a coltello into his gut. Silver was coughing out blood. "You might not know this but i'm doing te a favor..." Mephilles detto as he was pulling the coltello out of Silver's gut, "Now te will be feared wather than being hated." Silver fell on the ground, he could feel his body changing. He could feel his teeth turning into fangs,his eyes turned blood red,his psychokinesis going from light blue to dark red, his furr turning darker da the second. "What's... happening... to me..." Silver opened his eyes,the erba looked red. It was like being color blind but te see black and red. Silver stood up, he looked down, and the coltello wound was gone. Mephilles was doing a favor for him, but the favor... was being dark, for eternety.

Silver walked out of the woods. He was going to see his "friends" to see if they knew what happened to him,because he had no idea what so ever. Sonic was the first one to see him. "WHOA! What happened to YOU?!?" Sonic yelled. Silver remembered the pain he felt in his gut. Silver told him "I'll explain later, first there is something I gotta t--" Sonic cut Silver off"Ohhhhhhh, now i get it! te paint yourself trying to earn respect." Silver's patince was wharing thin"Listen Sonic i got--!" Silver kept trying to talk to Sonic, but Sonic kept cutting him off "Let me guess. Mephiles is alive?" Silver was getting really agravated."Sonic i'm tr--!!!" Sonic cut him off once again. "Trying to be cool,Pftt, yea right." Then silver yelled,"SONIC te F***ING RETARED I'M TRYING TO TELL te WHAT HAPPENED 30 minuti fa BUT te WON'T SUHT THE F**K UP THEN I CAN'T WARN YOU! AND I CAN'T TELL te BECAUSE YOUR recitazione LIKE A B***H RIGHT NOW!!!!" That was the first time Silver yelled and cussed at anyone. Sonic looked like was about to faint from being so scared."Umm... Silver,scence when do te cuss?" Sonic said.Then Silver detto "Listen, Mephiles is back. He stabed me with a coltello and it made me look like this. I still don't know how, o why." Sonic just stood there for a secondo and detto "I think I'm about to faint..." "Well don't.We need to find everybody and find out what happend to me and why." Silver said. "Alright...But te won't hurt anybody,right?"Sonic detto in a odd tone. "What do te mean da that?"Silver said. "Well, its just your like this and,um...well how do te feel?"Sonic said. "Hm,let me think...I'm a hedgehog that has fangs,see's only red and black,my psychokinesis is dark red,my eyes are blood red,and my furr color changed from white to black.How would te feel..."Silver detto sadly. "Hey,it's not that bad."Sonic detto trying to cheer him up. "How will Blaze and the others react,huh?!?"Silver detto in a angry tone,"How will everybody react when I'm like THIS!!" "S-Silver,calm down.I'm shure they will understand whats going on here..."Sonic detto in a fearful tone while walking backwards. "OH REALLY?!?"Silver yelled in his most angry voice Sonic has ever heard.

"SILVER!!!"a group of Friends yelled.And the group was Amy,Shadow,Knuckles,Blaze,Tails,and Rouge."Hpm,what happend to--"Shadow detto until he saw Silver."Hm,what happend to pot-head?"Shadow mocked. "Uh,Shadow,I don't think te sould do that right now..."Sonic said. "What happend to him?"Tails asked."Mephiles came back and turned me into this." Silver said. "Tails,can te do somthing to find out whats wrong with him?"Knuckles said. "Well, I'll try.Silver I will need your blood to see whats going on."Tails said.Silver gave Tails some of his blood. Then Blaze said"Silver,I got worried when te were gone...what did Mephiles say to you?" Then Silver remembered what he said*Now te will be feared wather than being hated...*Silver,scared he will hurt his friends,says"I...I can't be around you,all of you.I will hurt you,and I don't want to do that."Then he quickly flies out of there with his dark red aura."Silver!"Blaze yells,but he already left."Me and Shadow will follow him,you guys go back home.Knuckles,Tails,well contact te if we need più help."Sonic said."Alright."Knuckles and Tails said."Hm...I wonder what happend to Silver..."Amy said."Ya,wish the boys good luck..."Rouge said.

Part 2 Soon!