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posted by Soniclover1998
"What a nice day." Sonic detto while looking at the clouds in the sunny, blue sky and taking a bite out of his sandwich. Him and Tails were having a picnic out in the grassy fields. "Yup!" Tails replied in a cheerful voice. The two sat in silence looking at the clouds while eating their sandwiches.


"I can't believe those fools think they could actually kill me!....." He detto angrily. "I will get my revenge!......." Frustrated, he could not think of a good way to get them back (Sonic and everybodyelse). "*thinking for a moment* ............. I know what I'll do!............... I'm gonna make them wish they were never born! >:D *evil laugh*" Mephiles disapeared into the shadows, waiting for some innocent creature come by. The first that happened to come da was Cream and Cheese. When they walked enough so they were close to the shadows he was hiding in, he came out of his hiding place. "Go get him Cheese!" Stupid Cream yelled. Cheese came flying up to Mephiles, but he punched Cheese, making him hit the ground hard and becoming unconscious. "CHEESE!" Cream yelled. "Stupid bunny..." Mephiles threw a dark energy ball at Cream, not hurting her, but cursing her. Right after he did this, the sky got really dark. Pitch black. The sun was still out but now the sky was very cloudy and dark. "Hey I'm not!-" Cream got cut off. She could no longer talk. All she could do was limp around aimlessly, she had red evil glowing eyes, and the only thing she craved was....... flesh. "Muhahahahahaha!!!! >:D" Mephiles watched as the population of zombies rapidly grew. "Those bastards won't know what hit them! >:D" He floated away, satisfied.


Both of them finished their sandwiches. Tails was looking up at the sky while Sonic was taking a nap. Tails noticed that the sky was changing....... pitch black at two in the afternoon??? "Uh.... Sonic?......" Tails asked trying to get his attention. Sonic woke up and asked "What?........ *notices the sky* What's going on with the sky?!?! O_o" "I don't know! That's what I wanted to ask you!" "Whatever it is, we better be careful..... we obviously know something bad is happening...... So we should be prepared to fight at all times!"Sonic detto while standing up. "Hey, Sonic? Could te please step off of the blanket? I'm going to put it away." "Oh, uh... Sure Tails" Sonic detto while stepping off of the blanket. Noticing something out in the distance, Tails nearly dropped the più fresco, dispositivo di raffreddamento he brought for the picnic. "Sonic?....... What's that over there?..." Tails asked in a scared voice while pointing to it. "I don't know.... It looks like some weird evil creature (or creatures) with glowing red eyes..... Come on! We need to find out what that is! Maybe it's related to why the sky is pitch black!" Sonic grabbed Tails's hand and ran towards the strange creature, but stopped behind a cespuglio, bush to hide. They both sat there looking for a minute."What are they?" Tails whispered. "I think it's a group of............ zombies..... I think there's 5 of them..." Sonic said. "WHAT?!?!-" Sonic had to cover Tails's mouth to keep him from screaming anymore..... But unfortunately it was too late. The zombies heard them and were coming towards them, surrounding them in a circle. "Let's get outta here!" Sonic detto while getting ready to run. But instead of getting away this time, he ran into a rock and badly twisted his ankle. "OMFG that hurts!..." Sonic detto while grabbing his ankle and laying on the ground. "Oh no!" Tails screamed. There was no way out now. All of the zombies were slowly limping towards them..... getting closer and closer so they could eat their flesh.
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