(This is actually a bit old but I felt I might as well post it here.)

I was not excited about this mostra since I first heard about it, but at the same time it wasn’t technically hurting anything… at first. After the issue of the Penders Retcon for the Archie Comics, instead of using their resources to either take care of that da putting the comics back how they should be o giving Ian Flynn the green-light to make his mini-series to finish the actual Archie Sonic Comics, o to work on improving new Sonic games in the normal continuity, we got Sonic Boom, which can be seen as either two things.

In a bad way, it’s something tossed on a bacheca to see if it sticks. If it doesn’t stick then it fails and all that money was wasted. It’s not deep, and it seems to be copying characters like Rotor, Blaze, and most of all Marine.

In a good way, it’s a fresh start with a new style that’s meant to appeal to a new audience. While unoriginal in some of its characters, it introduces “new” things regardless, and gives our Heroes new looks and areas to explore.

I did not expect greatness from Sonic Boom, and I still don’t. I was not disappointed da its first two episodes because I had low expectations to begin with. Here I will go over the first episode of the series, titled “The sidekick”. I will not be overly cruel to the series, but I am not going to go easy on it.

I don’t care about the excuse of
~It’s Sonic, it doesn’t have to be deep
~It’s for kids
~It’s something new
~You just don’t get it

Those are irrelevant. Lack of quality is lack of quality and I have the right to point that out, and I will.

Let’s begin.

We begin with the teaser scene everyone saw months prior. Sonic is chasing Eggman, for whatever reason, through a desert canyon, with the two bantering at each other the whole time. Eggman introduces a new robot called “Burnbot” which turns out doesn’t have fire-powers but instead “Claws, very painful claws!”.

Sonic mocks the bad-naming, calling it false-advertising, and dukes it out with the robot. Tails flies over in his plane (not sure if it’s the tornado, but it probably is), and helps Sonic out. Unfortunately the robot damages the plane, causing Tails to actually crash with bruises, and be left unconscious.

Eggman leaves, and Sonic tells Tails that he isn’t going to let him get hurt again, before taking the volpe away.

I’m going to pick apart each scene individually here, and there is both a lot of good and bad in these first sets of moments.

Now one good thing is the graphic-quality. The 3D modelle are well-animated and everything looks very nice and shiny. The shadows look nice, the characters sposta correctly; basically what we expect from Sonic in general.

Also the humor is funny, and this IS a constant throughout this episode. Sonic mocking Burnbot da naming all the things it should have been called, as well as guessing its powers when under the assumption that it used fire, was entertaining.

Sonic being concerned for Tails, and taking responsibility, at this moment, is potentially good, but I’ll get to that later.

Now the voice-direction on the other hand… well I still don’t think that Roger Craig Smith’s voice matches Sonic. It’s easier to see here because of the new Sonic look but it still seems forced. Tails also seems like he is literally forcing out his words through grunts, o as if every breath of words is the last he has. Eggman is fine, but Mike Polluck has always been a great Eggman regardless of other voice-changes (and no I don’t hate all the new voices… Rouge sounds accurate… that’s about it). However I suppose this is a bit subjective, so the voices aren’t really that important.

Now anatomy and clothing design… is not that smart. I’ve talked about this before; they shouldn’t have bandages everywhere. I don’t mind Sonic having a scarf, o his shoes having a different design, but he doesn’t need bandages. Having those on his sneakers would make it hard to run, as well as cut off as he dashed about. Eggman’s outfit is perfectly fine, and Tails’s is passable, but people like Sonic, AND KNUCKLES, have very strange bodies.

Sonic’s legs and body don’t match up. His upper torso is like a wide oval that causes his shoulders and arms to look even più scrawny than before, and because of his torso and legs being so long, it makes his running-scenes look very awkward. He looks somewhat like a deer almost. It’s almost like he has an entirely different body connected to a different pair of legs, and the blur we’re seeing on screen aren’t really his.

Knuckles of course also has bandages, but at least that makes più sense with him, going with the più boxer-type look, but of course there’s the masculine style they go with here as well. I don’t particularly mind Knuckles being “Masculine” but he doesn’t look masculine, he looks like a balloon. Why not actually make his arms look like they have muscles? I also don’t like that they had to make him look masculine to begin with. Knuckles being strong was meant to be ironic considering his size. It was a Supernatural strength that defied how small he really was. It built character. Now that’s changed, as his intelligence but we’ll get to that later.

So in the successivo scene Tails wakes up in bandages, and Sonic informs him that he’s been fired as Sonic’s sidekick. We don’t really see Tails’s reaction to this, just Sonic trying to make sure that Tails stays unemployed as his sidekick da putting up posters to recruit a new one.

We cut to a brief scene of Eggman finding out about the posters and deciding to enter himself, before we go back to the contestants at hand.

As expected, he gets a lot of responses, two of which are Amy Rose, and Knuckles. Amy is of course there because she has the hots for Sonic and wants to be with him. Knuckles is there because he’s under the misconception that Sonic wants to be Knuckles’s sidekick, and despite Sonic saying no, he ignores that repeatedly. Sonic also tells Amy no.

The final entry is a cloaked figure that instantly gets a good rep from Sonic, until it’s revealed to be Tails (in perfect health mind you). Sonic promptly tells Tails no, but Tails responds that basically any able body is admitted (not a direct quote mind you), so Sonic says fine. Eggman comes in and says the same thing, despite Sonic saying that Eggman is his arch nemesis and can’t. Eggman uses the line Tails did and Sonic lets him join.

However a third entry is required. One of the past entries that Sonic rejected(?) comes back, a cowardly grammar-nazi buck-tooth beaver(?), and Sonic lets him take part.

Before we get to the last bit here, I hope people can see the problems already. Let me lista these ones out this time.

~Sonic did this WHOLE thing because he wanted Tails to be safe, and now he’s just saying okay simply because the poster detto anyone able can join. Sonic KNOWS Tails will win because he knows Tails is able. That wasn’t the point. The point was to replace Tails. I wanted to praise Sonic for being so concerned with his friend, but then he goes and lets this happen.

~Sonic lets EGGMAN join. I’m sorry but yeah, arch nemeses can’t be your sidekick. This is a man who tries to KILL you, over and over, and Eggman doesn’t give a good reason for why he won’t try to kill Sonic, nor does Sonic even bring up Eggman’s possible true intentions. HELLO!

~Amy’s voice is the worst here. 41-year-old Cindy Robinson sounds like a 41-year-old, o at least 30. Amy is 12, o 13 on occasion. The voice sounds nothing like it should, and seems so incredibly unnatural coming out of that body. It’s worse than Sonic’s. Sonic has always had a voice that doesn’t match a 15-year-old so we’ve gotten used to people like Drummand, Griffith, even Smith, at this point, but Amy simply doesn’t work.

~Knuckles being stupid. People don’t like Knuckles recitazione like a moron. It repels audiences. I cannot tell te how many times I’ve seen forum about how terrible Knuckles is being dumbed down. What happened to the hardcore guardian of the Master Emerald? Steroids apparently…

~When the entries start up there are at least seven people in line, counting Amy, Knuckles, and cowardly-guy. What happened to everyone else? Why couldn’t they be part of this? I don’t see why they didn’t have più interviews… oh wait yes I can, BECAUSE THIS IS ONLY 11-MINUTES LONG! This episode is trying to teach a lesson about responsibility, and letting people make their own choices, but it CAN’T, because it’s trying to cram so much into an ELEVEN-MINUTE RUN-TIME! That can’t work. Whatever… successivo scene.

So the first contest (only contest) is hover-boarding to a goal in a jungle. Tails, Eggman, and Cowardly, are the only one’s doing this of course, and soon after, they’re off.

Cowardly obviously dies out soon because he’s filler, and begins laying down, sucking his thumb, as the two others continue on. Tails and Eggman get in their own normal machines (Eggman’s hover-craft, and Tails’s plane) and duke it out for a while, with Eggman CLEARLY and loudly talking about how he wants to kill Sonic and Tails (duh), ending up with Tails getting stuck in ice, Sonic going to save him, burnbot attacking and causing them both to sink into the water below, them teaming up to get out, kicking burnbot to death, and Eggman leaving with Tails scolding Sonic for trying to keep him sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza da putting him in più danger… Oh, sorry; Amy starts following Knuckles around to be his sidekick. I highly doubt this is crush-related so why is she doing this exactly?

Alright, let’s do this.

~Despite the goal being a mere ten yards? Twenty yards? Away, it takes much longer for any of the characters to even get near that, and then suddenly they find themselves over a Frozen lake… in a tropical area.

~Why does everyone have hover-boards. These are CLEARLY built da the entries because Eggman has tricks in his, and Tails matches his machine. Did Cowardly get one from Sonic? Huh?

~Tails gets hit da burnbot (who can actually shoot fireballs now) and hit into the ice. That I get, but what I don’t get is why he’s stuck in his plane. Is it his seatbelt? Did he spontaneously gain thirty points? Sonic pops him out eventually but what got him stuck? The plot did. Lazy.

~Sonic is stuck in the water and can’t get out despite Tails trying to pull him out. Tails is able to pull Sonic out of water ALL the time in games, and yeah even in some of the shows. Why is it hard now? And he’s able to propel Sonic out from behind easily without the problem of water weighing them down, so… huh?

~Tails scolds Sonic for putting him in danger… Tails te idiot. SONIC DIDN’T WANT te IN DANGER! HE detto NO AND te PUSHED HIM! Sonic didn’t plan for Tails to be in a life-death situation, he was just supposed to hoverboard over and grab a FLAG! A FLAGGIN’ FLAG! He didn’t put Tails in any danger.

~What was the point of letting Tails participate if he’s just going to end up with him being Sonic’s sidekick again? Nothing is resolved. Sonic and Tails are going to get into più life-death situations and Tails is going to get hurt again. What changed? Sonic knew that this was Tails’s choice? We did that already. NOTHING IS RESOLVED!

~Eggman’s really weak with his attacks honestly. He thinks that his little bot and water is going to stop Sonic and Tails. This is a WEAK plan. This is a sort of thing you’d see as a mini-boss for something. Eggman’s gone much più deadly. Not once did I think anyone was in danger because they got out.

I know the point of this is to be stupidity and humor, but once again, it’s really subpar here.

I don’t have much to say here. THIS is what I expected of Sonic Boom; squandering. It squandered its moral lesson, it squandered its plot, it squandered its run-time. It’s not enough to keep my attention and it SHOULD keep my attention. Sonic is LOSING fans, più than he’s gaining. Constantly making things for the younger and younger generation isn’t helping because they aren’t going to be interested if their older siblings and Friends who used to be fan say “It’s dumb, don’t watch it”, and this is very dumb.

I won’t be reviewing the secondo episode. If the series gets better, good for it, but I almost completely disbelieve that will EVER happen. I’ll watch the secondo episode and see if it’s better, but from what I’ve seen, this is poor showmanship.

Partially below average.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments. Please keep the hate o yelling to a minimum.

God Bless,
Eat Pie and Prosper