Before some of te guys get mad and live hate comments. I like Blaze and I know not all of te Blaze fan's are like this. Anyway I have seen Blaze being sexualized all over the internment. te would think it would be Rouge getting sexualized right well no it Blaze then Amy is close second. I am fine with people sexualized any character's they wish but their is a point ware it gets creepy. da creepy I mean when te say te like Blaze because she can kick butt then a Blaze fan Boy decides to talk to te about how hot she is and it get's wired fast. Also I have seen a person who dislikes her and her fan boys go ape over their fucking hot crush and telling person to kill them self's. It not right te guys act like that over someone opinion of not likening her. Why do te guys make her act like Rouge o Amy a lot in your fan art? Rouge has been voted to be the hot's Sonic character like over 10 times in sondaggi from what I have seen. So I don't understand it. I can say in my own opinion that they are not the worst part of this fandom it's the SonAmy and SonAlly fan that are the worst part then Blaze fan boys are.