sonic and ash`s house
silver-since u and ash have been together for about a month,i have somthing to mostra u.
sonic-what is it?
silver-(pulls out a triangle)its a ash`s protector i`m going to mostra u what would have happened if ash chose shadow over u.
sonic-ok.lets see it.
silver turns on the triangle,it glows and opens up and the story unfolds.
6 months later
shadow is hosting a tailgating party ash is cooking for
sonic-why is ash doing everything?
shadow-cause`i wanted her to.
sonic-but all this just for the 2 of us?!
shadow-fine,u can help her if te want.just make sure she dosent do anything stupid.
sonic-like what?
shadow-anything i didnt tell her to do.women r suppose to-
sonic-shadow!you cant control ppl!and especially not your own girlfriend!
shadow-don`t argue with me!she does what i tell her to do.
sonic-say u!
sonic walked into the kicthen
sonic-hey ash!
ash scurried back as if she was trying to run from him & dropped a metal lid in the process
sonic-you`re afraid of shadow are`nt u?
ash-very much.
sonic-shadows behavoir is`nt getting any better.hes più controlling than before.why did u chose to be with him?(getting hot wings out the freezer)
ash-i don`t know how to break up with him.his anger gets out of control sometimes.(checking on mela, apple pie)
sonic-you have to figure out somthing soon o otherwise u being afraid shows him he has control over you.
ash-but what can i do?
shadow-sonic!get in here the game`s starting!
sonic-just a secondo shad!(turns to ash)dont worry,you`ll figure out something.
10 mins later(the 3 of them are sitting on the couch)
shadow-(to sonic)want anything to drink?
sonic-yeah,i could kill 4 a soda
shadow-ash,get us somthing to drink.
ash got up and went into the kitchen.she got a soda for sonic &a birra for shadow.she poured them out the cans & poured them into seperate cups and carried them out on a tray
shadow-alrigth!(throws a football he had in his hand,ball hits ash,she drops the drinks)
shadow-clean that up!
sonic-you know that was your fault shadow!
shadow-shut up!i tell her what to do!
sonic-you`re wrong!u can`t control ppl!
shadow-says who?!
sonic-opera,tyra,maury,jerry springer-
shadow-i like that show.
sonic-that`s not the point!you can`t control her.
shadow-i dont care.
sonic-fine,if u feel that way,come on ash.
ashe grabbed her toebag and headed out the door with sonic.
ash-(to shadow)see ya!
the end
sonic-(2 silver)wow.that`s a eye opener,is that it?
silver-no.there`s more.that was just the first part.