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 Sonic Boom Amy
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Why does she capture my attention in this picture? :3
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posted by silveranime122
 Super Dark Silver
Super Dark Silver
"Mephiles!" Silver yelled after he went in fromt of Blaze to protect her."Hm,your turning to your self again,I have to go deeper..." Then Silver was pushed da a force to the rock,he tried everything to push against it,but it was to strong.Silver yelled to Blaze "Blaze,go while te can!"Blaze left but far enough to watch him without being seen.

Meanwhile,back at home...

"Amy,go check on Blaze,she's been in there for a while."Sonic asked.Amy went to go check on Blaze."Sonic!"Amy yelled."What?"Sonic replied."Blaze is gone!"Amy said."What!?"Sonic said."She must of left to go find Silver!"Tails said."Come...
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posted by silveranime122
te all know of Silver The Hedgehog, at least i hope te do,and he has progressed into what he is today... a nieve teen.But, well, he has had some...trouble, trouble with being respected.But,that a changes one day... The Hedgehog is now in a park just sitting down and thinking peacefully. Well, until Shadow shows up. "Oh,hi there pot-head, I thought te were supossed to be at home making my pizza... so why arn't you?" Shadow loved picking on Silver. Silver detto nothing and just sat there.Then, Shadow punched him as hard as he could causing Silver to nearly get pushed off the bench. Shadow yelled...
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posted by tailslover9
 silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver-hey guys i just got done watching sonic x!
sonic-still mad cuz your not in sonic x huh?
shadow-calm down can te two do me a favor?
shadow-you know what sonic i dont improve in your tone!
sonic-well issent that just to bad!
silver-quiet you*points at sonic*you were saying!:)
shadow-i needed to see if te guys can ask as many people as te can te come to my privtate island in japan?
sonic-japan?as in..japanesse girls? am in!!
shadow-id knew you'd want in,what do te say silver?

sonic and silver run up and down green collina zone asking people...
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Once apon a time in Station Square.Sonic:KNUCKLES I need you!!!Knuckles:Yeah Sonic.Sonic:I need advice.Knuckles:Ok whats your consigli need.2 minuti LATER.You wanna what Amy.Sonic:So can te help.Knuckles:Do this.....THAT NIGHT AT A FANCY RESTERAUNT.Amy:This is great.Waiter:Heres your wine.Amy:Thankyou.Looks at wine.AHHHHHHHH!!!A week later.Marrige music.Shadow:Walks in front.We are here today to celebrate the marrige of such a great couple.Do te take this rosa hedgehog as your wedded wife until te death do te part.Sonic:I do.Shadow:Now do te take this blue hedgehog as your husband until death do te part.Amy:I do.Shadow:TAILS!Tails:I have the ring right here.Shadow:I now pronounce te hedgehog and hedgehog.You may baciare the bride.They kiss.Amy throughs the bouke.Cream:catches it.And thats the story.Cyclone:Please tell me it again Dad.Sonic:Well ok son.Amy:Im here te can start the story.Ok. THE END