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(read part one first...)

Okay, before I knew it, it was night and I had to find a place for these guys to sleep...

Me:Okay, hopefully I have a double sized bed...soooo, one of te can sleep with me...

Shadow & Knuckles:Count me out!!

Amy:Aw right...I'll sleep with te for the night!

Me:'key then...
I had 2 suitcases in the corner of my room so two of them could sleep there...
Me:...two of te should sleep in a suitcase!

Sonic & Knuckles: I'LL GO!

Tails:*thinking* DARN IT! I've been left out again!

There were no other places in my room...
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 invader shadow
invader shadow
knuckle tallest:hi ladies and getelmans irkens were gana present u the invader irkens irkens:woo hoo yeah we luv u espio tallest:invader irkens come here right now invader irkens:ok *mean while* shadow:im gana be late gahh sposta stupid ships irken:hey watch in spazio idiot shadow:my name is shadow!!! shadow:finally im here irkens:huh shadow ciao dont push me knuckles tallest:ur gana be with the ugly rats bokkun bokkun:*tears of fear burst out* ....... ghhh espio tallest:do i hear oh no its knuckles tallest:shadow shadow:yeahh yeah give me my evil plan knuckles tallest:u get a tuna sandwich, panino shadow:wht...
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Awesome. :D
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