One day,Sonic takes a ride with his Extreme Gear.

Sonic-Oh!A sunny day!A cool wind and a best giorno to..
Sonic looses his balance and fell!
Amy-Sorry!Can we go for a ride together?
Sonic-Okay!But a race!
Tails and knuckles appears,
Tails and knuckles together-Hey sonic.
Sonic-hey guys!
Knuckles turns to amy
Knuckles-What is she doing here?
Sonic-She wanted to go for a ride with me.
Tails-Sonic,Come here for a sec.
(Tails whispers to sonic)
Tails-Let's go without her!
Sonic-Good idea!

Sonic turns to Amy.

Sonic-Hey Amy!Bye!!!


Amy follows sonic with her Extreme Gear.

Knuckles-She's closing to us!!!

Sonic creates a tornado!Amy Lost her balance and fell!

Amy-I will get te someday!Sonic!!!