Sonny and Tawni are guests on the nation's popolare talk show, "Gotcha with Gilroy Smith", Gilroy tries to get Tawni and Sonny to confess some embarrassing moments. Sonny and Tawni make a pact backstage that they will have each others back. As the interview progresses they realize that there was a hidden camera in their welcome basket and Gilroy plays the footage of them making their pact. Sonny begins having flashbacks about Chad Dylan Cooper as her secret she wants to persevere and Gilroy knows that face Sonny was making is of someone who has a boy crush so delves deeper. Gilroy brings Chad out as a third guest in which he thinks it was because of the book he read but later found out he didn't read. With shocked expressions on both Sonny and Tawni's faces Gilroy shows the first meeting of Sonny and Chad on MacKenzie Falls set and asks Chad what's going on. Sonny immediately calls for a commercial which one was not granted and grabs Chad to rush off stage. Tawni in the meantime decides to steal the spotlight and perform stupid parlor tricks. Backstage Sonny proposes to Chad that they make a pact to not tell each other's secrets. Gilroy has another hidden camera backstage filming Sonny and Chad having their private talk and right as they were going to say something Tawni changes the monitor to off thus ending the signal and when Gilroy went to turn back on he had missed what was said. Gilroy turns the monitor back on and sees Sonny saying "That was so much easier to say than I thought it would be," and they walk off. Gilroy gets mad because he doesn't know what Sonny and Chad detto to each other.
Guest Stars:
Eric Toms - Gilroy Smith

Sonny: So Far is the 21st episode in season 1 of Sonny With a Chance